eLearning Solutions for Energy and Manufacturing Industries

We understand that Energy and Manufacturing industries need to constantly train their employees with respect to processes, safety and compliance. Whether your requirements are operational training, product knowledge application or process training, CommLab's team can develop eLearning courses to cater to all your training requirements.

What Types of Training Are in Demand?

Lean Manufacturing or Quality Management

Optimizing manufacturing performance and maintaining quality are the most important requirements for any organization. Training employees to adopt lean principles and quality standards therefore become very important. CommLab India has experience in developing engaging eLearning courses for Lean and Quality training.

Workplace Health, Safety and Compliance

Workplace Health and Safety are of paramount importance to organizations belonging to Energy and Manufacturing Industries. CommLab’s team can work closely with organizations to understand their health and safety requirements and design training programs that are mutually beneficial to organizations and employees.

Product Knowledge

Knowledge of products is essential for your sales team, if they need to present the same to prospects. We can create customized product training courses which can be accessed by sales people across diverse geographical regions. We can also help you develop short byte sized modules which can quickly update your sales team even while they are on the move.

Machinery Usage and Maintenance

Our experience has demonstrated that training employees to use machinery correctly and maintain them as per instructions ensures that there are no unforeseen interruptions in production resulting in financial losses. Our team can develop user-friendly courses that can train your employees on "how to use and maintain your equipment".

Supply Chain Management

We understand that the success of any business is dependent on the efficiency of its supply chain management. Our instructional designers work closely with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to understand your business processes and design courses that provide step-by-step training to your employees on supply chain management.


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