Product Training for Improved Sales Revenue

CommLab's product training helps to enrich sales training programs with simulated product presentations and product walk-through in various selling situations.

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Product training is only one constituent of CommLab's training aspects.
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Why Product Training?

The success of any organization depends on the success of the sales team. In order to make more sales and gain more market share, you need to train their Sales Personnel on the products that you offer. Having strong product knowledge will help your sales team to guide and influence the buying decision of your customers.

So through timely and effective training programs you can ensure that you are ahead of the curve beating the competition.

Sample Screenshots of Product Training

Builds Confidence of Employees

Your employees will have complete knowledge about all company products, which in turn will boost their confidence when interacting with clients.

Develops Clear Product Differentiation

Employees will develop clarity and will be able to differentiate between the various products that a company has to offer.

Explains Complex Terminology to Employees

Employees will better understand technical terms and use them appropriately while dealing with end users or customers.

  • Our Approach to Product Training

    We design specific instructional strategies to ensure effective Product Training depending on the requirement and target audience profiles.

    We use the following strategies to design a Product Training course:

    • Using Product Demo Videos to show the operation of a product is an effective strategy. It offers virtual hands on training experience to learners helping them to present the product in their best way.
    • Case study based training approach helps sales people analyze real life customer facing or sales situations and how do they go about those situations. Based on learner's response, they will be given the recommended responses.
    • Using Vector Graphics with call outs to show the different parts of a product enables quick learning. They can also be used for practice sessions.
    • Animations or simulations to demonstrate the working of a product or assembling a product is an more interesting strategy.
    • Comparison tables to highlight the differences between the different products. This will help learners to develop clear product differentiation.
  • Design Product Training to Enable Maximum Information Flow

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Choosing the Right Authoring Tool to Develop Product Training

    • Articulate Storyline
    • Articulate Studio
    • Adobe Captivate
    • Lectora
    • Adobe Flash
    • Adobe Presenter
  • Basis for choosing the right authoring tool caters to specific requirement by clients
    • Articulate Storyline: The new age salesmen need product training on a click. Articulate Storyline allows you to create interactive eLearning courses in a cost-effective manner.
    • Adobe Captivate: This tool allows you to create demos and interactive product simulations that can be served through desktops and mobile devices.
    • Articulate Studio: If you would like to quickly convert your old Power Point presentations to eLearning courses, Articulate is the tool that will come handy. Courses can be made more engaging with built-in templates.
    • Lectora Inspire: Lectora is a unique tool that aids in placing multiple languages in a single interface and allows us to create courses compatible to multiple devices.
    • Adobe Flash: Flash is an excellent tool to develop High level animations and simulations to help learners demonstrate the working of a product.
    • Adobe Presenter: A Perfect tool to show the product demos and videos, you can also convert your product training webinars and PowerPoint presentations into engaging and interactive videos.

Product Training and Translations

Product training is sought by a wide variety of audience (Sales Personnel, Customers, distributors and Technicians) whose comprehension levels may not be the same. So training them in their local language will help them to understand the product and its information accurately.

Using LMS for Product Training

Consider an open source LMS such as Moodle for quick, secure and low-cost hosting solution for training your employees and an Add-on LMS for training your customers or distributors.

How eLearning fits into your Product Training

  • Design: Product training is about imparting the knowledge about the various products that a company offers so a right strategy for produt training can be using Product Demo Videos, Case studies, Vector Graphics with call outs, Animations, simulations and Comparison tables.
  • Develop: Based on the strategy adopted, we can choose the authoring tools like, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate to create interactive product simulations, Articulate Studio to quickly convert Power Point presentations to eLearning courses, Lectora Inspire to create courses compatible to multiple devices. Adobe Flash to develop High level Interactivities and Adobe Presenter to show the product demos and videos.
  • Translate: Translating Product training courses at the source ensures that the original message is retained without any misinterpretation or ambiguity.
  • Host: With more affordable and feasible options in the form of open source Moodle LMS, you can now have one customized LMS for your sales and customer service employees and an add-on LMS for your other business partners like customers and distributors.

The Course was delivered on time with great quality, Kudos to entire team.

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