Designing E-learning Programs

Designing eLearning ProgramsE-learning design and development should be more focused on the learners rather than learning design experts or instructional design professionals. E-learning is the term used to denote computer-based instruction developed with technology and Internet as the key tools. The key focus in any eLearning course is the end-user or learner.

The content of a training program should be learner-centric. It should include numerous types of media that deliver text, audio, images, animation and so on. These elements are used to format the learning content into an instructionally sound material that will find user acceptance and endorsement easily. The course needs to have granularity and should be segmented such that the assimilation of new knowledge is easy and it provides flexibility to learners to learn at their own pace.

Engaging content is key for the success of any eLearning module. Here are several resources that explore various aspects that are important in eLearning design and development such as the time and cost of development, tools and resources required developer capabilities for eLearning development and so on.

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