E-learning Delivery

eLearning DeliveryAll eLearning courses need a medium to reach their final audiences, that is, the employees of an organization. The infrastructure set-up for this purpose may be different for each organization. Some may choose to host the courses on the intranet; some may deploy the learning management system. Broadly speaking, eLearning delivery can be either Asynchronous eLearning or Synchronous eLearning.

  • What do these terms mean and what are the various delivery options available under each method?
  • How can one decide which method works best for their training situation?
  • How are some of the leading organizations delivering eLearning content to their employees?
  • Is there a way to integrate social media components into eLearning deployment?
  • What are the best practices for a perfect blended learning solution?

Here is a compilation of resources that provide information related to several delivery options for eLearning. Learn and identify the ideal eLearning delivery method that best fits your organizational training requirement.

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