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Are These Questions Troubling You?

  • Can we convert Flash courses when there are no source files?
  • Can we convert courses published to Flash output?
  • Can we salvage courses published in now obsolete software?

Find answers in this video along with 4 Flash to HTML5 conversion strategies, and more.

Why CommLab India?

Our Team of Authoring Tool Experts

Our large pool of experts can convert courses in the tool of your choice – Articulate Storyline and Rise, Lectora Inspire and Online, Adobe Captivate, and iSpring.

Our Expertise and Processes

Our agile project management processes, and instructional design & authoring tool expertise help us convert with scale and speed – whatever the number of courses for conversion.

Our Track Record

We have converted more than 5000 Flash courses to HTML5 with all leading authoring tools, making them compatible with all major devices – desktops, laptops, iPads, iOS, and Android.

Our Discounts

Partner with us for your Flash to HTML5 conversion requirement and get 10% off on the first project. You can avail special discounts if you have more than 100 courses to be converted!

Flash will STOP WORKING by the end of this year. Which leaves you just a few months to ensure your online training that uses Flash doesn’t come to a standstill.
Can you really afford to postpone this with classroom training already an impossibility due to the pandemic?
Be proactive – convert your Flash eLearning courses to HTML5!

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Questions about Flash to HTML Conversion?

If you have any questions, we have
the answers!

Flash courses/assets can be identified by .swf and/or .flv extensions in the course package.

Yes. Flash phase out will impact all legacy courses developed with Flash. They will become obsolete, and will not play on any browser – Chrome, Mozilla, IE.

Not a problem! Flash-based courses without source files can be converted with our Record or Rebuild strategies.

Definitely! You can update the content, improve instructional design, and even reconfigure courses into microlearning modules.

There is no one best authoring tool for Flash to HTML5 conversion. You can use Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, and iSpring Suite based on your requirements.

Not really! Each course needs to be treated differently. We can select our strategy from the 4 ‘R’s.

No, you need not test the courses on all devices and browsers. We will test them on SCORM Cloud to ensure they work seamlessly on all devices and in all browsers.

What’s the Rush?

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Apart from its incompatibility with mobile devices, Flash had several disadvantages – security issues, need for plugins, and huge demands on battery life.

This, coupled with Apple’s decision not to use Flash (quickly followed by all major browsers), meant that Flash courses or even those with Flash elements (such as animations) will have stopped playing even as we speak.

This not only means archiving your Flash courses and taking a hit to your training ROI, but also leaving your millennial learners hanging – with no training!

After all, modern learning solutions are all about being available on-demand, at learners’ fingertips, another area Flash falls short of with its rich animations and interactivities – that are not compatible with  mobiles.

What’s the Solution?

The best thing you can do to revive your legacy courses, get them in sync with the times, and maximize ROI is to convert your Flash eLearning to HTML5.

Why HTML5? Well, HTML5 is an open source platform that ensures eLearning courses are compatible across devices and browsers. Since no company has proprietary rights over it, it can evolve to keep pace with changing training requirements, ensuring your eLearning courses are future-proofed effectively.


Another major advantage with HTML5 is that it’s the default publishing option offered by all modern rapid authoring tools, making it easy to design, develop, and deliver courses – across various devices and orientations. Gone are the days of an elite bunch of programmers who alone could create engaging courses.

In fact, HTML5 paves the way for rapid eLearning development by leveraging the power of authoring tools. It is rooted in sound instructional design, weeding out the unnecessary fluff while retaining the essence of creative learning.

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