About the Customer

The company is a global leader in electronics manufacturing working in the categories of design, manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket services. The company operates in over 100 sites across 30 countries, and has employed 200,000 highly skilled innovators. It helps customers, big and small, solve the challenges of the connected age.

Executive Summary

Employees at the company interact with hundreds and thousands of personnel, customers and vendors digitally on a daily basis. This leads to the exchange of information which is continual as well as confidential; for which the company has its own Data Privacy Policy. Keeping up with the changing technology, their Data Privacy Policy was updated with a few real-time digital security concerns. To disseminate this information to its world-wide employees, the company sought CommLab’s help in creating an engaging compliance course on Data Privacy which highlights their latest IT security concerns. CommLab created a 2D virtual course on data privacy with gamification and scenario elements that helped understand an employee’s role in keeping data safe and adhering to the Data Privacy policy.

Requirements and Challenges

In the business world, safeguarding employee and business contact data is not only important from a compliance perspective, but is also the right thing to do. Employees are expected to ensure that personnel, customer and vendor data are treated with the respect they deserve. Handling the company’s data and their business partners’ data properly helps protect the company’s reputation and avoids bad press and financial penalties that can occur when companies get data privacy wrong.

To maintain vendor and customer confidence that their information is being properly used and protected, the ‘Data Privacy’ policy has information safeguard standards. These standards are regularly updated as and when there is a new threat to information security. These new updates were added to the existing Data Privacy Policy; however given the size and the detailed approach of the policy document, the company was not sure if all its employees would fully grasp the importance of the newly added sections to the policy.

“We want a course on Data Privacy Policy which highlights the latest additions to the policy, we want the new course to be more engaging and contemporary, and are looking for CommLab to use an Exploratory Game-Like approach and should include 9 languages”.


- Sr. Technical Training Director.

The company had provided the updated policy to its employees, yet wanted a course that would highlight the new additions driving home the point that securing data is important while creating an engaging learning experience.

Our Solution

Having worked with CommLab since 2007, the company opted to work with us a preferred vendor for this unique yet challenging task. The Data Privacy course, a global compliance course was expected to set a new benchmark in the company’s training initiatives.

The challenge for CommLab was to create an engaging game-like course about real time security concerns in the company with scenarios in order to strike a chord with the employees. Keeping this unique requirement in mind, Adobe Flash was used as the authoring tool for the course. Our next hurdle was to create scenarios for topics such as locking your computer, locking documents with sensitive information, divulging employee information, etc. The company employees could relate to these scenarios and they also looked authentic as the office was replicated in a 2D virtual environment. The course began with a few e-learning slides highlighting the new changes to the policy, followed by a Data Privacy challenge – a game with a series of thought provoking scenarios and questions on the right usage of data and its safeguard standards.

2D Virtual Environment- Data Privacy Policy Course Data Privacy Policy E-learning Course

In order to cover the various aspects of the course, the agile methodology was put to use with immediate iterations and approvals of the designs as well as the scenarios. And once the course was developed in English, it was simultaneously translated into nine languages such as Chinese, Polish, Romanian and Spanish to name a few. After months of hard work and perseverance, the course was highly appreciated by the employees.

“Congratulations on the exemplary Data Privacy training that was just rolled out! I thought it was phenomenal. The content is accurate, solid, and understandable – the scenarios are relevant and relatable – and the game is spot on. The attention to detail is exceptional, and instantly shows that this was no “off the shelf” training.”


Senior Corporate Counsel
- Global Litigation & Compliance.

The company had set out to create a course that changed the way training takes place by creating an engaging course that was globally translated to emphasize compliance with the Data Privacy Policy.


The Data Privacy course helped employees understand their role in keeping data safe and using it responsibly where appropriate, while adhering to the policy standards and ensuring proper handling of customers’ and vendors’ data.

Our relationship with the company is long standing one, and continues to be so since the last eight years. Their challenging and unique requirements push us to give our best and deliver high standard courses.