About the Customer

The company is a multinational Fortune 500 telecommunications conglomerate, headquartered in the US. It is one of the world’s largest providers of mobile telephone services and of fixed telephone services in the United States. It’s the 12th largest company in the world in terms of assets, profits, and market value. Serving close to 130+ million customers worldwide, it is the largest telecommunications company in the world, with revenues around $160 billion. Apart from the US, the company has a significant global presence in 60+ EMEA countries.

Executive Summary

Owing to the rise in the popularity of mobile devices amongst its workforce, the global conglomerate wanted its repository of 500 legacy courses to be made mobile-compatible. The company approached CommLab India, a global expert in rapid e-learning development, to author responsive courses that run on mobile devices such as laptops, Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. CommLab India’s development team worked round the clock to develop multi-device compatible courses.

Requirements and Challenges

The company was using digital learning courses, developed in an earlier version of Lectora Inspire, to train its employees – mostly service technicians – on their various processes, policies, and products. Their business challenge was to convert these legacy courses using the latest version of Lectora Inspire (Lectora Online), which supports the development of responsive e-learning courses, so that multi-device users (employees) could access them, on multiple devices.

Our Solution

The legacy courses served as a standard template for the CommLab team and our developers worked unceasingly to ensure that each and every e-learning course worked seamlessly on all devices – Desktop, Laptop, Android, iPhone, and iPads.

Our team of rapid developers was provided with the source files of the legacy courses, along with a total of six wireframes such as Assessment-only wireframe, Non-sequential Learning wireframe, and Read and Acknowledge wireframe, to name a few. Using these wireframes, our team was able to segregate the different types of courses the legacy curriculum contained. For example, if the legacy course only consisted of assessments, then our developers chose the Assessment-only wireframe to develop the course.

Conversion of Legacy Courses to Responsive E-learning

CommLab used the cloud-based authoring tool, Lectora Online, to develop responsive e-learning courseware. The wireframes were first loaded on to the server, and then a team of 30 developers was assigned their respective courses. It took our team 30 hours to develop and review a single e-learning course, and a total of 15,000 hours to roll out the final 500+ courses.

To keep the development and review process simple, a standardized checklist was followed throughout the project. Also, the interactive nature of the courses meant that our project management team had to carefully schedule the project to ensure course delivery before the deadline.

Conversion of Legacy Courses to Responsive E-learning

CommLab India followed a specific review cycle wherein once a responsive course was developed, it was sent to the QA team for quality analysis. Based on the feedback received from the client during the initial stages of the project, the QA team joined forces with the developers to employ a checklist of errors to be avoided, along with certain standards to be followed during course development. It was this co-ordination and precise planning between both the teams that helped us develop several courses in a short time. The QA team tested all the 500+ courses on the different types of devices (Desktop, iPhone, iPad) the company asked for. After approval from the QA team, the courses were sent to the client. The client then reviewed the course, and checked whether the functionality was as per the legacy course.


The final product contained:

  • 500+ responsive courses
  • 15,000 hours (62.5 days)

"Terrific job by the CommLab Team" – Client Testimonial