About the Customer

The client is a trusted provider of financial services and solutions, helping customers make good choices and take positive actions to improve their financial wellbeing. Since 1902, they have created value for stakeholders, while being a responsible and resilient business. Their offering of products, services, and experiences is designed to make it easier for customers to meet their financial needs.

The company remains one of Australia's largest general insurers by Gross Written Premium (GWP), New Zealand's second largest general insurance company, one of Australia's leading banks, and a specialist life insurance business. The Group employs 13,500 people in Australia and New Zealand, and has around nine million customer relationships. It is a Top 20 ASX listed company, with over $96 billion in assets.

Executive Summary

The Australian financial services provider made changes to their brand. They therefore wanted to update their existing online modules to reflect the latest branding, and also make them mobile-compatible.

The client wanted to update a total of 40 of their online modules with the new brand templates. A few of these legacy courses were developed in older versions of Lectora. Others were developed in Flash, and therefore, not mobile-compatible. There was an additional need to recreate these courses with the e-learning authoring tool Lectora Inspire 17, to ensure they are responsive and compatible to play across desktops, iPads, and mobile devices, seamlessly.

Requirements and Challenges

Rebranding capitalizes on new trends and manages customer expectations. A series of marketing and advertising campaigns come into play when changes are made, and these changes need to be reflected in all organizational products and materials. E-Learning modules are also tools to communicate rebranding messages and they need to be firmly anchored in branding strategies.

The client approached CommLab with a two-pronged requirement – upgrade existing Lectora e-learning modules according to the new branding and recreate Flash-based modules to make them HTML5 compatible. All this was to be done within a limited time period.

CommLab India was provided with 40 modules (a few developed in older versions of Lectora and the others, Flash-based). Recreating Flash-based modules was a challenge as there were minimum to no source files available.

Our Solution

CommLab’s large pool of developers experienced in working with the interactive e-learning authoring tool Lectora Inspire 17, leveraged its strengths to update 40 modules according to the new branding guidelines. Developers also capitalized on the features of Lectora that support responsive course development and recreated Flash-based modules to be mobile-compatible.

Upgradation of Legacy Online Courses Using Lectora Inspire 17

To deliver within the stringent deadline, CommLab had a well-defined project management process in place. Modules updated and recreated using the rapid authoring tool Lectora Inspire 17, were sent in batches of 6 for the client’s review. Feedback was also implemented batch-wise and this made the process a lot quicker and easier, without any delays and overlaps.


The final product contained:

  • 40 responsive modules customized using Lectora Inspire 17
  • Each module had 20-60 slides each, of which 60% were interactive and 40% static