About the Customer

Our client is an Australian finance, insurance, and banking corporation. It is one of Australia's largest banks (by combined lending and deposits) and its largest general insurance group company with over $95 billion in assets, 15,000 employees, and relationships with over nine million customers.

Executive Summary

The organization takes its commitment to employee safety and wellbeing very seriously. In 2013, their Personal Insurance (PI) group set up a campaign for employee safety and wellbeing to help employees understand the organization’s commitment to personal safety. Campaigns included Workplace Inspection Week, Safe Work Australia Month, and Random Acts of Kindness.

As a way to recognize and reinforce everyone’s effort, our client held a safety workshop for its employees in May 2014. The workshop aimed at highlighting the Safety and Wellbeing journey of the PI group, including key safety and performance metrics.

For this, they approached CommLab to create two interactive videos on their journey and commitment to employee safety and wellbeing. We developed these videos (in a very short span of time), which was very well received by our client.

Requirements and Challenges

The organization’s workshop was scheduled to take place on 13th May in Sydney and aimed at highlighting their commitment to putting people first and protecting what matters most to them – ensuring a healthy workplace and everyone was safe.

To highlight these important points, our client wanted two 2D animated videos that provide a visual representation of the PI Safety & Wellbeing journey. However, there was a catch – we were already in the third week of April and the workshop was only two weeks away.

The biggest challenge for CommLab was to pull off something that would normally take months for professional animators to accomplish. With such high stakes in place and a really short timeline of two weeks, we realized that there was a need to put the project on a fast track.  We needed quick approvals, quicker reviews, and closures. All this in a span of two weeks – we had so much to do in so little time.

Our Solution

Given the short timeline for the quick launch of the video, Commlab presented the idea of a three phase agile development and management.

  • The first phase was to set expectations and create a high level script for the video.
  • Once that script was approved and signed off, next came the prototyping/proof of concept where the 2D characters, background colors, and the onscreen text were sent to our client for approval.

All this was accomplished within the first three days of the two-week deadline.

Interactive video

Creating the entire video and sending it for review is not only time-taking but also a risk, given the tight schedule. To gain quick approvals and closures, the video was created in small snippets of animations with audio sync, and sent to the stakeholder on a daily basis.

This ensured that within no time we received the sign off on the snippets one by one. Once all the snippets were approved, they were merged and the final video was created. This project was a huge success because of the hard and smart work demonstrated by the team, but the real hero of this project was the agile process that had a great impact on the final outcome.


As varied as the services this organization provides to its customers are, so were their requirements from CommLab. Suncorp has worked with us since 2008 on multiple projects that range from courses on commercial property to securities and personal insurance.

With smart planning and agile video production, the videos we developed were shown at the workshop and received great appreciation from the participants. Our relationship with our client is a long established one, and continues to be so since the past ten years.

Thank you! It looks wonderful and my leader loves it too! Thanks so much for your help!


Lauren D
HR Business Partner - Projects, Personal Insurance.