Customer Education - Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction.

We are passionate about helping customers choose the right solutions, at the right time, to yield the best results. This motivates us to train and educate our customers.

If you want to improve on the current training delivery method followed in your organization and are considering web-based training, we can provide you with consulting services at no charge. CommLab India is headed by training professionals with a strong background in corporate training and university teaching. With over fifteen years of experience in providing corporate training solutions, we can help you make well-informed decisions and effectively implement technology-enabled learning solutions in your organization.

We conduct training programs, workshops and online seminars to train employees on various parameters of online training implementation and roll-out. These trainings are suitable for your internal training managers, training content developers, project managers and instructional designers who may or may not be experienced in online learning design and development.

If you want training or advice on any topic related to technology-enhanced learning, get in touch with us.