Blended Learning

Learning is a JOURNEY, not an EVENT!

What factors led to the rise of blended learning?

Limitations of Traditional Classroom Training

  • Traditional classroom training requires participants to be present in the same location at the same time. Flying employees from multiple locations to a brick and mortar classroom for training purposes can quickly become expensive.
  • When making use of traditional classroom training, it can prove challenging to find efficient ways to help employees to excel in their jobs whilst simultaneously producing maximum business results.
  • Since individuals have different learning styles and capabilities, traditional training is not an effective method for bridging learning gaps.
  • Traditional classroom training fails to deliver one of the crucial components of corporate learning: engagement.

Benefits of Blended Learning

  • Blended learning allows employees to work from geographically dispersed locations, at their own pace, whilst continuing to offer individuals the opportunity to interact with their peers during virtual training sessions.
  • With the use of mobile technology within blended learning solutions, learning can be expanded beyond the confines of the classroom.
  • Blended learning solutions offer pre-training e-learning sessions to fill in any gaps, and virtual post-training sessions to reinforce the material that has been learnt.
  • Blended learning is a simple mechanism to help make learning more engaging through the use of videos, apps, and more.

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Why Choose CommLab India?

CommLab has both the training experience and the technology expertise to deliver your blended learning solutions.

17+ Years of Industry and Domain Experience

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How Can CommLab Help You?

We at CommLab are at the front-line of technological advancement, and recognize the impact that technology has on how employees learn and work. Our commitment to technologically-oriented and relevant learning solutions inspires our learning and design experts to come up with blended solutions that best suit the specific needs of your organization.
We can convert your existing classroom training materials into a virtual blended learning format of your choice.
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Blended Learning Success Stories

An Australian-based insurance and banking corporation created a campaign oriented at helping employees to understand the company’s commitment to personal safety. As a way to recognize and reinforce the effort that had gone into the campaign, the company planned to hold a safety workshop, and hired CommLab to assist with the content.

CommLab created a series of interactive, animated videos highlighting the company’s safety and wellbeing journey and performance metrics. Despite being on a tight schedule, CommLab was able to roll out the project in just two weeks, all thanks to our 3-Step AGILE process - the (true) hero of the project.

A US-based multinational corporation approached CommLab seeking assistance in converting user guides and process manuals into digital resources to be used alongside its classroom training program. The company needed interactive PDFs that learners could access online – anytime and anywhere – via their mobile devices.

Our team of learning and design experts came up with the strategy to not only convert the guides and manuals, but also to include relevant images and infographics to make the interactive PDFs more engaging for the learner. The project was completed in just 2 weeks.

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