Adobe Captivate for Simulation based E-learning

Adobe Captivate 8 - the e-learning authoring tool designed to make a single course work on multiple devices, in multiple languages - across multiple geographies.

The choice of the right e-learning authoring tool is the most critical element in the development of an online course; and when a single course must fulfil multiple requirements, it is even more necessary to develop it using an e-learning authoring tool that will support these requirements.

Adobe Captivate 8 is a widely used rapid authoring tool that is power-packed with infinite possibilities and has innumerable features and functionalities for multiple end-user requirements. Captivate 8 features include:

  • A library of over 25,000 assets
  • Animations that adapt to any screen
  • Excellent responsive authoring capabilities
  • Multi-device support
  • Multi-device previews
  • Geo-location support
  • High-end visual elements
  • Superb simulations

Adobe Captivate 8 allows developers to create highly effective eLearning programs swiftly when transitioning from Instructor-led training to e-learning, through quick PowerPoint to e-learning conversions.

Its language capabilities support:

  • Course translation into any language
  • Localization
  • Easy import of translated editions
  • Right to left scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew
  • DBCS scripts such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

It's powerful quiz capabilities support the:

  • Development of a wide variety of assessments
  • Creation of informal knowledge checks
  • Alignment of job performance with training

The tool also allows designers to make the course accessible across multiple devices to ensure learners get the best - no matter what device they access the course on.

CommLab India has used Captivate to successfully design a variety of courses to meet different training needs – in quick time. Our team of designers is adept at creating game-based activities, watch-try-do strategies, videos, and a variety of interactivities with Captivate, to get learners engaged and absorbed in their training courses. In short, we have used Captivate to create highly complex scenarios, assessments, and simulations for a variety of courses across industries.

So go ahead and develop interactive online learning courses - cheaper, better, and faster today with Adobe Captivate 8 – the interactive learning software that will guarantee your learners never get tired of learning.

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