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Our Mastery of Adobe Captivate

An excellent authoring tool in the hands of a master

From our first utilization of Adobe Captivate, we have challenged ourselves at every step of the journey to successfully employ this tool to help clients all around the world with their custom e-learning development needs.
Here’s what our talented team of courseware designers have achieved with Adobe Captivate - all while ensuring that our customers remain able to maximize their training content.
Software simulations

High-definition product demos; simulations to impart software training

Responsive E-learning

Single course for multiple platforms to fit all devices


Producing translated e-learning courses for global audiences

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Why CommLab India?

As one of the earliest users of the rapid responsive authoring tool, Adobe Captivate, we at CommLab have gained expert level competence in making full use of its functionality. What’s more, we deliver on:


A large production team, highly experienced in using Adobe Captivate, quickly develops and enhances hundreds of courses in weeks, not months.


State-of-the-art project management and quality assurance processes that involve your input at critical milestones ensure that the end product exceeds your expectations.


Even the most ambitious of rapid conversion projects can be accomplished at an attractive price point.

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How we Helped our Clients Using Adobe Captivate


Training came to a halt for a US-based global software firm when it realized that its e-learning courses - which were developed using Captivate 6 – were inaccessible for visually impaired employees. The firm approached CommLab requesting that we revamp its repository of outdated courseware using the latest version of Adobe Captivate.


Our developers knew that time was running short for the firm, which needed to kick-start its software training as soon as possible. We were relentless throughout the development process in order to make, sure that the courses were updated in terms of functionality and content. The software simulations created through Adobe Captivate authoring tool were then reviewed by our QA team for any accessibility issues, before being submitted to the client.

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A US-based multinational conglomerate sought CommLab’s expertise to rapidly translate 200 of their existing e-learning modules. Translations were a crucial part of the company’s training strategy as its workforce of 35k employees, spread across 120+ countries, needed to receive continuous training on the company’s diverse products, policies, and regulations.


With 7+ years of experience working with Adobe Captivate under our belt, the team of developers and translators at CommLab was able to successfully translate the 200 English modules into 16 different languages, including Dutch, German, and Italian - all in just 5 weeks.

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Poor learner engagement and low retention rates led a European multinational company to seek CommLab’s help to take a fresh look at the company’s training approach. The goal was to transform the current training modules by integrating elements such as animations and other interactivities to make training more engaging.


CommLab’s solution comprised highly-interactive, responsive e-learning modules including animations, videos, interactivities, and game-based assessments, all possible due to our team of dedicated developers and the robust set of features of Adobe Captivate.

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CommLab India has used Captivate to successfully design a variety of courses to meet different training needs – beating the clock every time.

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