E-learning for Process Training

A PROVEN Training Methodology

Common Process Training Challenges and How E-learning Addresses Them

Challenges with traditional process training

  • Processes are generally explained with the help of charts, or at best, through PowerPoint presentations. Process training that relies only on diagrams and PPT slides is less stimulating and boring.
  • New employees need to be trained on organizational procedures/practices to be followed while dealing with customers, right from day one. This becomes a daunting task with a traditional training format.
  • For an organization that operates in several locations, adopting traditional methods of training may not be viable in terms of costs and quality. Ensuring the quality and consistency of training across all facilities is a big challenge.
  • Due to the constant nature of process changes, it’s hard to update training material both in terms of cost and time.
  • Taking responsibility for the application of processes and procedures, and knowing how and when to use the right ones can be daunting.

Solutions offered by e-learning

  • To allow learners comprehend the diagram and understand the process it represents, online courses with animations and graphics can be used. It will help make learning more interactive and interesting.
  • For a rapidly expanding organization, having an online training program will make it viable and cost-effective.
  • Train global workforce consistently, no matter which locations they work in, by easily translating e-learning courses.
  • When you take your process training online, you can easily update content.
  • Use mobile learning to offer performance support and enable employees to apply the processes and procedures when they need help.

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Why You Should Partner with CommLab India

Since 2000, we have been offering technology-enabled solutions to accelerate workforce performance. We have successfully designed and developed online courses for 30+ Fortune 500 companies.

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What Makes CommLab’s Process Training Different

Process training is an expensive affair. And those who conduct classroom sessions for process training would tell you that it is time consuming, not feasible, slows down the learning process, and unsuccessful. That’s where CommLab India’s online process training programs help.
Whether it is business process training, operational process training, or supply chain management training, our solutions will help your employees understand the role they must play in following the processes, while maintaining strict standards.
Our process training solutions will help you to:

Improve processes


Streamline operations


Conduct multiple trainings


Save money


Leverage resources


Train a global workforce

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What Separates Us from the Rest

Process training courses generally contain images, flowcharts, diagrams, and more, in order to help employees understand the processes of the company, better.
We at CommLab, spice it up by using creative instructional strategies such as:

Scenario-based learning


Guided learning



A Host of Customized Learning Modules

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This is How We Helped Our Customers

A laboratory equipment manufacturer needed to develop web-based learning materials on Supply Chain Process Training to train its workforce. We realized that Supply Chain, a complex and dry subject, could use something innovative to make the learning more interesting.

So in order to ensure maximum learner engagement, we zeroed in on an avatar-based instructional strategy to develop the entire e-learning curriculum. The avatar of an ant takes learners through the steps of the process, guiding and engaging them throughout the course.

A multinational FMCG company approached CommLab to develop e-learning courses, to train its workforce on the process of implementing the procure-to-pay (P2P) cycle in Ariba, an ERP software. The biggest challenge for us was to create a course that not only demonstrated how the software should be used, but also had a Do section where the learner could try the software in a fail-safe environment. Our highly engaging software simulation course successfully helped the company standardize Ariba as a global tool for procurement in the company.

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