Developing HTML5-based eLearning with Claro

Reach your multi-device learners with HTML5

Training Challenges Solved through Technology

Challenges Faced by Organizations

  • Today’s learners are multi-device learners. They want continuous access to learning resources to enable them to learn on the go at their own convenience.
  • Flash-based e-learning courses don’t work on mobile devices and modern browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari.
  • Flash-based content comes paired with a time-consuming and expensive update process.
  • Flash player provides interactive content, yet this content cannot be accessed on mobile devices, limiting the option to learn on the go.
  • Wasted investment due to rapid changes in technology.
  • E-learning developers are forced to create multiple versions of the same course to ensure compatibility across different device platforms. This process is highly time consuming and thus inefficient. Additionally, the adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies by corporate organizations has increased the variety of mobile devices that e-Learning is required to support.

Online Solutions

  • HTML5 course content is accessible across multiple devices - the learner has instantaneous access to synchronized content across their smartphones, laptop, tablet or desktop.
  • Course content created in HTML5 can be interpreted by multiple browsers.
  • HTML5 content in Claro can be easily updated, even without any programming knowledge.
  • HTML5 helps create games that are interactive, mobile-friendly games that can be used to make your courses engaging, maintaining the interest and focus of learners.
  • HTML5 provides offline support, which means that it can handle or store data even when the application is not linked to the Internet.
  • HTML5 offers multi-platform compatibility, making it a highly cost-effective option. A singular version can be utilized across all platforms.

How Does Claro Stack Up?

Claro is a rapid e-learning authoring software that enables you to create compelling e-learning content. It strikes a unique balance between simplicity and ease of access, on the one hand, and a rich & robust feature set, on the other, making it simultaneously suitable for both beginners and advanced developers.
  • Produces HTML5-compatible e-learning
  • Offers an offline player for mobile learning
  • Offers the capacity to import PPT content and export as HTML5
  • Simplifies the content review process/features real-time collaboration
  • Reduces time - Responsive design allows multi-device function: easily view content on your mobile or tablet

Features of HTML5-based E-learning with Claro Tool:

Themed templates and interactive elements
Audio/video recording & editing
Screen captures
Desktop sharing

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Why Work with CommLab India?

We at CommLab India believe that creating responsive learning courses is not simply a matter of shrinking the content to fit various screen sizes. Integral to the concept of responsive design is concordance with e-Learning design principles such as the maintenance of readability across all devices to ensure the successful and effective completion of learning outcomes.
At CommLab, our primary goal is to create effective e-Learning content to provide a rich and engaging learning experience. Our HTML5-based e-learning modules add significant value to your training material, and are guaranteed to both appeal to and engage your learners.

We have used Claro successfully to develop HTML5-based e-learning courses for many of our clients, all thanks to our:

  • Best-in-class instructional design
  • Usage of the most optimum media for representation
  • Intuitive and excellent visual design
  • Easy to maintain and update content

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Using Claro, CommLab is able to:


Co-author content, share resources, and receive feedback from reviewers


Share real-time updates and collaborate with stakeholders


Significantly reduce project development time

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