Adobe Flash for Highly Interactive E-learning

Why use mundane, static images when you can create custom Flash animations to make your online courses go from ‘zzz…’ to ‘wow!’?

Sometimes, there's no escaping those mandatory, highly-complex courses that are hard to read and harder to understand.

Adobe Flash-based eLearning courses simplify complex concepts and long, arduous step-by-step procedures, by creating highly interactive training like no other eLearning authoring tool can.

When you require computer-based, online courses for complex trainings, reach out to us to create SCORM-based e-Learning courses, designed and developed with Adobe Flash, so your learners are privy to its innumerable benefits that include:

  • Customized animations
  • Rich graphics
  • Watch-try-do simulations
  • Drag and drop interactivities
  • Puzzles, games, flipbooks, slideshows, and more

It's easy to use Adobe Flash for SCORM-compliant course creation - we know because over the years, we have been creating highly interactive training that uses Flash. We have created hundreds of Flash-based eLearning courses that have helped us in building eLearning Flash templates that are readily available for your use. We especially love the fact that Adobe Flash has:

  • Built-in quiz templates
  • Readymade and reusable components
  • Audio and video integrations

Flash-based eLearning courses ensure quick edits and easy course maintenance - making it the perfect choice when courses need to be updated regularly. The best part? Your learners have access to courses that are easy to understand, absorb, and retain - all the components necessary to improve and maintain their performance levels.

Do you have a Flash-based course that needs to be made responsive? At CommLab we convert Flash-based courses to HTML5 so your awesome content becomes more interactive. Here’s how we do it.

So, if you have course content that puts your learners to sleep, or dense difficult content that defies classroom training, give us a call today and let us show how we can use Adobe Flash to solve your problem.

Get in touch with our Flash expert to discuss your project.