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Corporate Compliance Training Challenges and eLearning Solutions

Challenges of Training on Compliance

  • Large, dispersed, and multilingual workforce
  • Tight timelines for training
  • A lack of classroom trainers
  • Boring and heavy content

Online Compliance Training to the Rescue

  • Anywhere and anytime learning
  • 3 weeks for development; instantaneous delivery
  • E-Learning = self-learning
  • Engaging and interactive courses

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Our Expertise

CommLab leverages the best eLearning practices with decades of experience to deliver the best learning solutions for your organization.

Compliance Training Solutions:


Information Security Training


Regulatory Compliance Training


Sexual Harassment Training


CoC and Ethics Training


Cyber Security Training


Diversity Training

Compliance Training Solutions Across Verticals

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Why Choosing the Right Partner Matters!

Time is tight. You don’t have the people or the expertise to rollout a compliance training program quickly. You need a partner who is experienced, knowledgeable, and time-efficient. What’s more, to make your compliance training interesting and engaging, you need a partner who is well-versed in:


Scenario-based online training is an effective way to improve your learners' engagement levels.



Bring dry and repetitive content to life through character-based learning and storytelling.



Incorporating videos in the learning process is proven to be more effective than the use of other visual formats alone.



Delivering compliance training in bite-sized modules is a concrete way to improve the retention of information.

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What Does Success Look Like?!

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An Australian client wanted two 2D animated videos that would provide a visual representation of the PI Safety & Wellbeing journey.

The biggest challenge for CommLab was timing; we needed to rapidly pull off something that would normally take months for professional animators to complete. We needed quick approvals, quicker reviews, and closures.

CommLab presented the idea of a three-phase agile development and management process, and successfully completed the project.

An Electronics Manufacturing giant sought CommLab’s help in creating an engaging compliance course on Data Privacy, in light of their recent IT security concerns.

The company was not sure if all its employees would fully grasp the importance of the new additions to the policy, given the massive collation of data.

CommLab created a 2D virtual course on data privacy with gamification and scenario elements. This enabled employees to understand their role in keeping data safe, and how they ought to adhere to the Data Privacy policy.

A client approached CommLab with the need to develop a device-agnostic e-learning curriculum. The 2-hour course on unlawful harassment prevention, was to be delivered in 3 weeks.

Designing a 2-hour course, that both engaged learners and tracked the course across multiple devices was a huge challenge.

CommLab delivered by setting standards and processes to deliver a consistent and quality output, and successfully developed a curriculum that was fully compatible across multiple devices.

Get expert analysis and innovative training modules using your code of conduct, business process, or policy-based content.

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