Rekindle Your Classroom PPTs with iSpring!

The Ideal Tool to Build Online Courses Rapidly from PowerPoint Decks

iSpring infuses life into passive PowerPoint presentations and makes them interactive learning experiences.

iSpring for Rapid E-learning Development| Convert your Classroom Training with iSpring

Rapidly convert classroom PowerPoint presentations to online courses, with quality animations, interactivities and visual effects

iSpring for Rapid E-learning Development| Convert your Classroom Training with iSpring

Have PPTs with dialogue-based scenarios? iSpring can convert them into rich online courses on the click of a button!

iSpring for Rapid E-learning Development| Convert your Classroom Training with iSpring

Do your PPTs contain software simulations? Do you need an e-learning facelift? iSpring has that covered.

iSpring for Rapid E-learning Development| Convert your Classroom Training with iSpring

iSpring publishes all your courses in HTML5 which means they are accessible on different kinds of devices; especially useful for modern multi-device learners

Let your PPTs enjoy the most of what iSpring has to offer.

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Why CommLab India

CommLab India is your ideal e-learning partner if you intend to provide your PPTs an e-learning facelift.
  • We have clocked 20+ e-learning hours, developing online courses using iSpring.
  • Our talented pool of 40+ developers, highly skilled in the rapid development of online courses using iSpring, will bring the course to life using its features and inbuilt tools.
  • Our expert iSpring Suite developers will cater to your learning needs by creating online courses from your classroom resources.

How Can CommLab Help You? - Our USP

Our Learning Design team will analyze your training content, target audience and the intended training outcomes, to ensure we use the right instructional strategy.

What Do You Get?


You will get online courses built from your classroom PPTs, which are instructionally sound, visually appealing, and according to your branding.


You will save development time, costs, and gain highly scalable solutions.


CommLab India offers a solution that eases your training challenges and offers impeccable customer service – at the industry-best price.


You get a winning cost-quality proposition!

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With iSpring, your PPT decks will go from..


  • Plain PowerPoint decks used in the classroom as cues for the instructor
  • Classroom resources forgotten after use


  • Online courses which retain classroom training nuggets in an attractive package
  • Classroom resources made online-ready and uploaded to a central repository
  • Awesome courses in less cost
  • Reduced development efforts
All you need to do is give us your classroom PPT .... sit back and relax!!!

Some successful iSpring stories

A client from a leading Manufacturing sector approached CommLab, seeking assistance to improve the cross-selling skills of sales reps to increase sales. The challenge was to develop courses from classroom presentations, that would be compatible with iPads. We developed online courses on products from classroom resources, rapidly, using iSpring, and published to the HTML5 format.

A US-based software services company needed to convert 50 instructor-led training resources to online resources, and upload them on a learning management system (LMS). Using iSpring, CommLab’s team of design experts was able to make the PowerPoint presentations online-ready, interactive, and engaging – including assessments – in just two weeks.

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Here’s a full-fledged interactive e-learning course that was developed from a simple PowerPoint presentation.