Infuse your PowerPoint presentations with the capabilities of iSpring Suite to deliver highly engaging, digital learning assets.

Make your classroom training material available at a click to learners, using the versatile PowerPoint add-on that makes it fast and easy to develop e-courses that can be accessed seamlessly on all devices.

iSpring Suite 8.7 is the latest offering from iSpring, a comprehensive toolkit that helps develop online courses, videos, and assessments, easily and quickly.

Cut down the time spent searching for professional templates, characters, icons and other assets – iSpring offers an extensive repository of these resources.

iSpring is a perfect fit with PowerPoint, can be used without any additional training, and comes with a host of features:

  • PowerPoint Conversion – Convert PowerPoint decks to e-courses, accessible across multiple devices
  • Video Lectures – Synchronize video snippets with presentation decks and publish as videos
  • Interactive Assessments – Create media-rich, engaging assessments (including videos, branching assessments, dialogue simulations), with custom scoring options
  • Screen Recordings – Capture screens with the in-built iSpring Cam tool; use as videos or standalone training assets
  • Dialogue Simulations – Add a personal connect to courses by adding scenarios, dialogues, and conversations; train learners in a fail-safe environment
  • E-learning Interactions – Develop visually appealing, instructionally sound online interactions easily, using pre-built templates
  • Content Library – Use a wide range of assets such as templates, themes, photographic characters, buttons, and more to develop interactive courses
  • Extensive LMS Support – Develop content that works seamlessly on all LMSs; content that supports e-learning standards including SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, cmi5, and xAPI
  • Integration with iSpring Learn LMS – Utilize the iSpring Learn LMS for your learning management needs and enjoy advanced reporting capabilities, one-click publishing, and other features
  • Adaptive Player – Develop output – both Flash and HTML5 – that can play on PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones (with Windows, iOS, and Android OS)
  • iSpring Play – Access online content anytime, anywhere using this mobile app

A Bundle of Learning Tools

iSpring also offers iSpring Flip to convert Word, PDF, and PowerPoint documents into eBooks, in just a couple of clicks. Use the new audio and video editor to edit, delete, and fine-tune audio and video clips.

iSpring Suite comes with a set of tools that eliminate the need to use external, third-party tools to complete tasks:

  • Convertor Pro – Convert PowerPoint decks to Flash, HTML5, and MP4 videos
  • iSpring Presenter – Develop video snippets in PowerPoint
  • iSpring QuizMaker – Create interactive quizzes and surveys
  • iSpring Cam – Record all or part of a screen to develop screencasts
  • iSpring TalkMaster – Build conversations and scenarios to train learners on communication skills
  • iSpring Visuals – Create interactions such as books, FAQs, Timeline, and more

Our developers who are experts in working with iSpring Suite will cater to your learning needs by creating online courses from your classroom resources. Give us a call today and we'll guide you on how you can give your ILT material a fresh lease of life.

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