Maximize your training investment by making your legacy courses multi-device, multi-browser compatible and offer learners seamless access to knowledge, thereby increasing performance.

Given the demanding conditions organizations currently operate in, employees need access to learning, anytime, anywhere, to complete tasks successfully and contribute to business growth and revenues.

In this context, your existing online courses are a valuable repository of learning. Do you have a large number of courses developed in legacy authoring tools, designed for desktops/laptops? Are you unable to utilize them optimally as most of your workforce is mobile or prefers learning on devices such as tablets, Smartphones, and iPads?

Do you want to convert your boring page-turner legacy courses to interactive learning nuggets that can be offered to learners at the point of need?

CommLab India’s rapid development team is world-class and highly experienced in the conversion of legacy online courses. We turn your plain, non-responsive courses into engaging, immersive learning experiences that can be accessed on a wide range of devices and browsers, using HTML5.

The best part is, we do this backed by sound instructional design principles.

Here’s how it is done. We:

  • Do a thorough analysis of your legacy courses
  • Break down the courses into microlearning modules that offer focused knowledge on 1-2 learning objectives per module
  • Identify common elements/screens and design interactivities that suit your content, audience, and learning need
  • Standardize templates and visual elements that can be reused throughout the project
  • Set up a rigorous development process and adhere to checklists to minimize errors at the source
  • Adhere to documented project management processes and ensure constant communication with you
  • Develop modules rapidly using the latest authoring tools and facilitate online reviews to improve scalability

What you get is e-courses based on instructional design principles, compatible with multiple devices and browsers. Learners will have access to precise, engaging knowledge at the point of need, on their preferred devices. Get in touch with our experts today and experience our scalable rapid development solutions.

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