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Reinforce your manufacturing process and enhance product quality by augmenting employee knowledge.
  • Most people working on shop floors do not have a high level of technical education.
  • Employee turnover in the manufacturing industry is very high, creating a need for new hire training programs on a continual basis.
  • Instant performance support systems are vital, owing to the extensive array of products being manufactured.
  • Knowledge of manufactured products is imperative.
  • Production, material and safety compliances need to be adhered to.
  • The industry needs to incessantly design, develop, and disseminate Safety Guidelines & SOPS for shop floors, logistics, and storage.

Customized Learning Solutions

Our solutions focus on making employees productive, safe, secure, and compliant.

Ensure maximum learner engagement using interactivities, conversational audio, branching narratives in online courses, and job-aids..

Deliver learning in bite-sized chunks for performance support, product/process programs, safety programs, and supply chain processes.

Translate courses for global employees who prefer learning in their native languages.

Responsive mobile learning courses for modern, multi-device learners.

Excellence Across the Board

When it comes to satisfying customer needs, CommLab is on a winning streak!


A global leader in automobile manufacturing, wanted to train its global sales teams on their new fleet of vehicles, customer service process, and mobile app, through online learning. They needed to develop engaging e-learning courses and translate them into 17 languages including German, Spanish, and French.


CommLab developed 11 interactive e-learning courses, using Lectora Inspire 16, with design templates that matched the client’s standards.


11 English e-learning courses
11x17 translated courses
90% customer satisfaction

When it comes to developing instructionally-sound courses, we analyze and execute the right strategy to meet your goals.

Our learning experts can do the same for you.

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