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How E-learning Can Solve Your Sales Training Challenges

Challenges with Traditional Sales Training

  • Training that’s not up-to-date, continuous, and does not address sales teams’ challenges puts them at a disadvantage when dealing with customers.
  • Most companies provide one-day training workshops without any follow-up/reinforcement. In the absence of reinforcement, training stops being effective after a few months.
  • Gen-Y employees have short attention spans, and cannot handle hour-long trainings.
  • Salespeople are mostly engaged in on-field jobs, and are hard pressed for time.
  • With no real scenarios included in the training, salespeople have a tough time imagining real-world problems.
  • As products become more complex, service technicians need to be trained in a stress free manner on how to handle even the slightest of errors to avoid losses to the company.

Online Solutions for Sales Training

  • Online learning provides your global sales team anytime access to the latest training, on a click, in their native languages, giving them information when they need it the most.
  • Post-training reinforcement through mobile learning or online modules ensures that sales training is more effective, leading to better knowledge retention.
  • Microlearning modules can be used to deliver effective on-the-job performance support and act as handy job-aids.
  • Mobile learning solutions offer continuous self-paced learning, for on-the-move salespeople.
  • Scenario-based dialogue simulations can be used to explain complex sales conversations, giving the sales team a taste of real-world interactions.
  • Engaging strategies such as Explore and Learn, Animations, and Simulations improve upon the traditional methods and make technician training stress-free.

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CommLab India's cost-effective, time-saving sales enablement & technician training solutions are used globally to provide anytime access to the latest training, so your team is always prepared with enhanced sales skills.

  • Sales training solutions for any requirement - from onboarding to just-in-time learning
  • Expertise in sales training & effectiveness solutions for over 17 years
  • Successfully delivered sales and technician training to over 30+ Fortune 500 companies

Our solutions for sales and service technician training include delivering end-to-end performance-oriented training that is tailored to meet your specific goals.

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A leading healthcare equipment manufacturing company felt it was important for their globally-spread sales force to understand the maternity process and details of the pre- and post-natal care of the child and the mother, to help them better convince prospective customers of the benefits of their equipment. Coordinating classroom training for the entire field force was difficult, time consuming, and expensive. E-learning was found to be a cost-effective and viable option.

Our team of designers used Lectora to create the animations and interactivities necessary to make the e-learning course engaging and interesting. We intelligently wove images, text documents, audio, video, and Flash animations in the course, as per the client requirement.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of precision weighing instruments identified the need to train its massive sales force. Sales reps needed to be trained on asking customers the right questions in order to provide the right solutions. Sales training had to be focused on a single agenda – the time spent by a salesperson with a customer should be proportionate to the revenue generated by that product.

Our challenge was to develop a digital sales training program for learners who are familiar with the classroom environment. Therefore, keeping in mind the environment sales reps are familiar with, we developed a conversational e-learning course that resembled a typical classroom.

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