Standard Process for Course Translations

A robust translation process is the key for translating e-learning courses into multiple languages effectively.

Designing courses for global audiences requires an effective design strategy, a robust translation process, and scalability for rapid development and rollout.

Having translated hundreds of courses into more than 15 international languages, we can help you roll out quality courses, faster and cheaper.

Standard Process for Course Translations

Design: Our learning design team adheres to global standards of e-learning, and uses a good blend of content, visuals and audio. We make sure that learning is simple, content is restricted to "need to know" information rather than “nice to know” and the audio narration is just enough to support the course content. We also ensure the images are culture-neutral and not superimposed with text.

Translate: We have a large pool of translations with more than a decade of experience each. They are specialists in various domains who make sure that the meaning is not lost in translation. Our process also ensures course quality through a robust 3-stage quality check. Our translators use the latest translation memory tools to improve quality and cut down the costs of translations.

Develop: With a team of 150 experts in various authoring tools like Articulate Studio, Storyline, Captivate, Lectora and Adobe Flash, we can develop dozens of courses rapidly in a week.

Deliver: We also have a customized multiple GUI wrapper that enables users to select the language in which they wish to take the training. This will also simplify the versioning of courses in the LMS.

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