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Customer-Exclusive Webinars 2020 | CommLab India 1

Barsha Chetia

Manager – Marketing Content

Dec 03, 11 AM EST

How do you help people acquire new skills from training and apply them at work? What’s the secret?

The secret is memorable learning experiences that have a lasting impact and bring about change.

You can design memorable learning experiences and ensure learning sticks by using appropriate instructional design strategies. 

What is an instructional design strategy and how does it help design sticky online learning?

Join the webinar for insights into:

  • The elements of learning
  • What eLearning is and isn’t
  • Popular ID strategies that make for sticky learning
  • 10 best practices to design learner-centric courses

Customer-Exclusive Webinars 2020 | CommLab India 2


Director – Inbound Marketing

Dec 08, 11 AM EST

Agreed, there are a lot of misconceptions around microlearning! But if you choose to ignore microlearning, you might just end with training that will not be appreciated by your learners.

Why is that?

Microlearning with its short modules and different formats makes it ideal for modern learners used to short, instant solutions. 

But though it is ‘micro’, there’s nothing ‘micro’ about its design and development. And that is what this webinar is all about.

Join the webinar for insights into:

  • What is microlearning
  • Types of microlearning assets
  • Microlearning development roadmap
  • Questions to be asked at each stage of development
  • Microlearning in action

Customer-Exclusive Webinars 2020 | CommLab India 3

Shalini Merugu

Senior Manager – Learning Design

Dec 10, 11 AM EST

How can you make your virtual classroom session a success?

Content? Collaboration? Technology? Engagement?
While content and collaboration are critical for any session, the activities you use in the virtual classroom depend on the technology platform you choose. 

Explore all these and more in this webinar.

  • Why VILT is much more than a webinar or a videoconference
  • Typical challenges in the conversion
  • Important decisions to be taken (format, content, activities)
  • Essential materials needed for VILT
  • Available technology options – MS Teams, Zoom
  • How to achieve maximum engagement – polls, breakout rooms, annotations

Customer-Exclusive Webinars 2020 | CommLab India 2


Director – Inbound Marketing

Dec 15, 11 AM EST

Left and right brain aptitudes – Logic or emotion? Information or imagination? Structure or play?

What if training can combine both to provide holistic learning?

Wouldn’t you love to create eLearning courses with great learner engagement and minimal dropout rates? And if you can also save on the development time, wouldn’t it be icing on the training cake? 

So, get ready for an engaging webinar on:

  • Changes that are ushering in a paradigm shift in training
  • Demonstrating the relevance of training to learners
  • Incorporating stories in corporate online training
  • Helping learners see the big picture
  • Building empathy and edutainment in online training

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