Engaging, customized courses for the banking sector.

Financial organizations need to impart timely, cost-effective training to enhance employee efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

The success of the banking and finance sector relies heavily on training. The complexity of its operations and products is increasing considerably, and good sales performance is critical for survival. It is also the most regulated industry in the economy, with employees needing to adhere to the obligations and practices stipulated by various regulatory authorities.

We at CommLab have vast experience in providing learning solutions to companies in the banking and finance sector. We have developed courses on:

  • Business banking lending applications
  • Relationship pricing models
  • Trade finance, car insurance products
  • Consumer credit insurance, personal insurance products
  • General insurance, mutual funds and investments
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Collateral management

Our courses facilitate learning in a simple, easy-to-understand format using appropriate instructional strategies. We use simulations to demonstrate processes or applications, giving learners a chance to perform tasks in a risk-free environment. We also incorporate scenarios, videos and interactivities in the courses to explain compliance issues, policies and procedures.

Our translation and localization team is made up of qualified professionals who have thorough knowledge of the BFSI industry and can quickly and effectively render your training programs into multiple languages, at low cost.

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