Software Systems Training for Successful End-User Adoption

CommLab India - the online software systems training partner who will work with your team, every step of the way!

Implementing ERP software training programs is a time-consuming and costly affair - not to mention one that requires customizations and changes right up to the very end. With continuous changes, it’s hard to create a training program - unless you have a highly capable and reliable training team to back you up.

CommLab India’s dedicated team works tirelessly alongside the ERP vendor, implementation partner, and your organization to create and deliver successful ERP training programs, on time. Our online software systems training programs are specifically designed to demonstrate, educate, test, evaluate, and help end-user adoption for your entire workforce.

Develop software systems training courses with us and:

  • Implement training across your organization - at all levels - quickly
  • Deploy uniform training across multiple locations
  • Develop training around specific user roles
  • Deliver training as classroom, mobile, web-based, or blended learning programs
  • Make your training program complete with evaluations and certifications
  • Ensure learning support after training using job-aids, videos, PDFs and reference kits

Our team is adept at working with a variety of rapid authoring tools to create engaging and interesting simulations and simple screencast videos, to make learning successful. Your employees will:

  • Explore and discover your ERP software in a safe environment
  • Collaborate and learn with peers to understand better and learn faster
  • Have access to training based on adult learning principles and learning styles

We will work in coordination with your team during the customization, implementation, readiness, and training stages to ensure your ERP training is successful.

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