Convert Flash Content to HTML5 Mobile Compatible

Need to get more out of your existing eLearning?

With our HTML5 conversion solutions, you can enable courses to run on desktops, tablets, Smartphones, and all mobile devices seamlessly..

It's hard to let go off of a successful eLearning program that has cost you valuable time, money and effort. But when you want to give your learners a better learning experience, do you have a choice?

Migration of Flash eLearning to HTML5 will give your learners a better learning experience while you retain your existing eLearning courses. Convert flash to HTML5 and:

  • Translate courses into any language, quickly
  • Update existing content
  • Migrate from eLearning to mobile learning, seamlessly
  • Give old content a new look
  • Repackage content into microlearning modules

CommLab India's HTML5 conversion services will let you redesign, reinvent and repurpose your existing training program - while retaining high standards and quality.

When you work with us, you get:

  • Advice on choosing the right authoring tool for your courses
  • Conversion of all your courses at one go
  • Converting Flash animations to HTML5 Videos
  • Streamlined project management and meticulous execution
  • Rich responsive design compatible with mobile devices

So go ahead and give new life to your legacy eLearning - it's all available for a song!

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