Digital Learning Content Development Services

Swap your boring, voluminous paper-based resources with interactive, visually enhanced digital resources that boost employee engagement and retention.

Ensure your employees actually use your product catalogues and software manuals by giving them that extra zing - convert them into visually appealing, stimulating job-aids that reduce cognitive overload and engage attention.

CommLab India can help you in this pursuit by converting these manual resources into digital resources of 2 types:

  • Resources that can be embedded within e-learning courses (such as PDFs and Word documents, that can be downloaded)
  • Stand-alone digital resources such as ebooks/epubs

These digital resources can be provided as supplementary resources and job-aids to enhance the effectiveness of your e-learning courses.

While converting your manual resources into digital ebooks/epubs, our experts ensure to:

  • Add images, hypertext links, animations, and interactive elements such as hotspots to make your content visually rich and interesting
  • Add audio and external video files too to spruce up your content
  • Use customized visual themes and organizational color palette so employees have a sense of familiarity and reinforce your corporate identity
  • Develop custom interfaces that are easy to use and the ebooks can be uploaded onto your LMS or Intranet sites

Along with this, CommLab India can help you translate these resources into multiple languages and provide a switchable interface so learners can access the ebooks in their preferred language.

So go ahead and create a smart library of digital resources that your employees will love to use!

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