Microlearning - Bite-Sized Training Solutions

Do long, boring and ineffective training programs leave your employees frustrated?

Microlearning is the perfect solution for you to the delivery of training content in the form of short, bite-sized learning nuggets.

Microlearning is an innovative learning strategy that provides bite-sized units of relevant information to learners, just when they need it the most - so training becomes relevant and interesting.

Our microlearning solution is designed to consistently provide your employees with timely knowledge, in easily digestible chunks to guarantee knowledge transfer and fill those gaping performance gaps - on time.

CommLab's Microlearning Advantages for:

Training Manager

  • Less time to create courses
  • Less wasted training content
  • Less cost
  • Mobile compatible
  • Formative assessments and quizzes at regular intervals
  • No performance gaps
  • Reduced time to competence


  • Increased knowledge retention
  • Just-in-time learning
  • Short learning modules
  • Access to instant knowledge at the time of need
  • Quicker learning
  • Guaranteed knowledge transfer
  • Engaging and relevant training

Our microlearning solution is guaranteed to give your learning just the right amount of information - in time - every time.

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