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We are always in search of ways to optimize any process. One way is to look for an option that reduces the time and cost involved, without impacting the quality. Rapid eLearning is a custom-made eLearning solution that reduces the time and cost involved in the process, thereby offering clients the best value for their money.

Training is an important part of every organization, whether it is a startup or a well-established business. We at CommLab India understand this better than anyone else and help businesses with their training needs. CommLab India's award-winning eLearning solutions help you to easily create, deliver and manage the eLearning program that meets your goals and objectives. With more than 22 years of experience, we have worked with 100+ clients in all important industries.

So, if you want to work with the best and get better learning results, look no further.

We will assist you with all your training needs and help you make learning more effective and the entire process hassle-free. Find out what we can do for you.

Classroom to Digital Learning Conversion

Digital learning has proved its place in learning and development. Offering many benefits to learners and organizations, it has become the most preferred training strategy. We understand that converting from classroom to digital learning is not a simple task, it requires planning and effort. Let us do that for you!

Now it’s time to convert your classroom material to digital learning for successful training and better learning outcomes.

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Classroom to Digital learning conversion

While we effectively convert your classroom material into the format of your choice. You can sit and relax!



Convert your classroom material into small digestible learning modules that focus on a single learning objective. Microlearning is effective, engaging, and saves time and cost.


Mobile Learning

Classroom of the size of your palm. Convert your classroom material into mobile learning providing the learner freedom to learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Video learning

Now engage your learners with one of the most preferred learning formats, videos. Video learning is fun, engaging, and easy to retain.


Blended learning

Let us help you create a perfect blend of various formats customized to your learners’ learning needs.

Why are We The Best?

Rapid eLearning Development That is Made With You in Mind. 1

Case Study

Our Approach

When one of our clients decided to shift from the classroom and digitize their sales training to equip their workforce with dynamic selling skills to meet market demands. They knew CommLab India is the right choice. And we proved it by developing 9 eLearning sales curriculums for each industry dealing with their markets and software applications and 7 modules for soft skills training in sales management. Read on to find out how we did it.

Legacy Course Conversion

The courses created in older versions of authoring tools are now outdated and ineffective to cope with modern learning requirements. So, are those courses a waste now?

Of course not! It’s time to convert your legacy courses to a more interactive HTML5 format with the authoring tool of your choice. Enhance the learning experience by delivering seamless learning across all platforms. Once converted your courses will be multi-device compatible and support responsive learning.

Tick Tock! It’s legacy conversion’O clock. Don’t delay and convert those courses now! We are just a call away

Legacy Course conversions
Rapid eLearning Development That is Made With You in Mind. 2

Case Study

Our Approach

Not 1, 2, or 100… Our client had a repository of over 1500 Flash-based courses on processes, policies, and products that they wanted to convert to an HTML5 format. Of course, we did it, exceeding their expectations. We could convert all the legacy courses well within the timeline and make those courses multi-device compatible. Read on to know how we did it.

eLearning Translations

eLearning translation is essential for effective training however most organizations do not give a lot of thought to it.

Training your employees in their native language helps them learn effectively, understand better and retain more. So, it’s time to get better learning results and translate your courses into languages preferred by your learners. The

Translate your courses today for your global workforce. CommLab India can help you develop and translate your courses into more than 35 languages avoiding the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

No more juggling with multiple vendors. eLearning translations made easy. Talk to us today!

eLearning Translations

Why are We The Best?

Why are we the best for elearning transalations

Case Study

Our Approach

Our client, who has a total of 200,000+ employees around the globe with operations in more than 40 countries wanted to train the employees on the Ride Control System to ensure the safety of guests. All thanks to their trust we were able to convert the master course into 18 languages effectively and within the deadline. Here is how we did it.


The #1 Rapid eLearning solutions provider for four years in a row!


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