Lectora Inspire 11: The Ideal Tool to Develop Excellent Courses

Lectora Inspire 11 - Wonderful rapid authoring software that can be used to create amazing online courses. What makes Lectora Inspire 11 such a highly useful tool? Well, this product from Trivantis has several features that are very helpful in creating first-rate digital courses. Let us see some of them and how they enable the development of top-notch eLearning courses.

Latest versions of 3 powerful tools

Lectora Inspire 11 includes the latest versions of 3 very powerful tools - Flypaper, Camtasia and Snagit. We will now see how they help eLearning developers churn out highly engaging online courses.

  • Flypaper:
    This tool makes the development of flash animations very simple. It facilitates the development and sharing of highly interactive Flash content. You can use Flypaper to share media templates and assets that go a long way in developing courses, which capture the imagination of your learners.
  • Camtasia:
    You can use this software to develop, edit and produce high quality screen-recordings. You can create stunning videos and edit multiple audio and videos in a single timeline. Camtasia provides effective support to various interactive elements such as quizzes and playback.
  • Snagit:
    This very useful tool helps convert screen captures into engaging eLearning courses in quick time with little effort. You can resize visuals and check your spellings and make callouts devoid of any mistakes.
  • E-learning

Easy to use user-interface

Lectora has a very intuitive interface that makes working with this tool very simple. The "Getting Started" screen has design and title wizards that help you create courses with minimal effort. You can store a version of your course as a customized template and access a variety of learning resources including video tutorials.

You can locate pages in the course quickly using thumbnail view and ensure consistency by aligning and positioning objects in page. Lectora Inspire 11 comes with a “canvas area” that allows you to drag and drop files, resize and move objects and enables you to create the overall design of your course or project. This tool allows you to preview your course in a browser after rendering the objects and actions in HTML.

Simplified content design

This tool allows you to arrange your learning content like a book. It reduces the time taken for developing the courses by allowing you to "inherit" objects used in the content, thereby eliminating the need to insert the same objects many times The tool has a feature called “Dynamic Tiles” that allows you to update text in your course without republishing.

Lectora Inspire 11 can be used to create content that is compliant to Sec.508 of the Rehabilitation Act. You can choose the right page size for your course depending on the device you wish to deliver it (iPads and other tablets, Smartphones, Desktop computers and Laptops) or specify the dimensions of your choice. This tool comes with 25 pre-defined page layouts and allows you to create a page layout of your own. It has several professionally designed themes that enhance the aesthetic value of your course. You can divide the pages in your course into multiple areas using the “Content Frames” feature and apply specific color, pattern or sound to each page. You can use the "Background Wizard" to create custom background that enhances the look and feel of the course.

Excellent media support

You can record audio and videos using a microphone and a webcam respectively. This tool has in-built audio and video editors for seamless editing. Lectora Inspire 11 enables conversion of audio and videos to .mp3/.mp4 format and provides excellent HTML5 media support to deliver courses across variety of platforms.

It has a gallery of clip-art images and buttons, and this tool enables you to insert interactive characters in your courses. It has a library of objects and allows you to add music to enhance the effectiveness of the course.

It comes with pre-defined text styles that automatically apply text attributes like font, color, size and style to the text in your course. You can also insert hyperlinks and symbols, create and format tables containing text and change properties of text blocks such as borders, margins, styles and colors easily.

Hassle-free translations and access in multiple languages

You can use the "Translation Manager" feature to export the text in your course as an RTF file, which can be handed over to the translator. Once the translation is completed, the RTF document can be imported and another language version of the content can be developed.

But the most striking feature of Lectora Inspire 11 is that it can be used to develop courses with a switchable Graphical User Interface (GUI). This allows the learner to access the course in any language of his choice. This feature allows the learner to view the content in any language instantly, from anywhere in the course. Lectora supports languages that have right to left orientation such as Hebrew and Arabic and languages that use double-byte character sets (DBCS) like Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


Wide variety of assessments can be created

Lectora Inspire 11 provides several options to create effective assessments. You can develop graded tests that have a specific passing score and in-built branching based on the result (pass/fail). You can create pre-tests and post-tests in a single course and select the tests to be considered in the overall course score. This tool also allows you to create randomized tests and submit the test results through e-mail or a Common Gateway Interface (CGI). You can also randomize the tests and submit the test results directly to Google Drive.

You can develop standalone questions which need not be a part of graded quiz or test. You can give feedback to your people based on their answers or the choices selected by them. You can use Lectora actions to generate feedback such as displaying an object in a page or opening the page in a pop-up window with messages like "sorry, try again" and so on.

This tool allows you to limit the number of attempts that a learner can make to answer a question and provide custom feedback when the learner fails in his final try. You can create "True/false", multiple choice and multiple response questions. Multiple response questions are questions that have more than one correct answer. This tool can be used to create surveys and include questions that do not have "right/wrong" answers. You can also use "true/false", multiple-choice and multiple-response questions in surveys.

You can also include the following types of questions.

  • Fill-in-the-blank.
  • Number Entry questions where your people have to indicate a number to answer.
  • Matching questions, where users have to match items in the left column to randomized choices in the right.
  • Rank/Sequence questions, which need to be answered by specifying an order to content.
  • Drag-and-Drop questions.
  • Hot Spot questions, which require the takers of the course to identify parts of an image by using ocular multiple choice sets.
  • Essay questions - these cannot be graded automatically.
  • Short Answer questions - automatic assignment of grades to these questions is not possible.
  • Questions based on Likert scale.

We can import questions in a spreadsheet, which is saved in .CSV format.

Publishing Options

Using Lectora Inspire 11, we can publish content to

  • AICC
  • Tin Can
  • Web
  • CD-ROM
  • .exe format

All this can be at single click.

Thus, we see that Lectora Inspire 11 helps us to create media-rich courses that are very effective. It enables us to translate courses easily and allows the incorporation of a wide variety of assessment questions. We can use this software to publish our content to several formats. These features of Lectora indeed make it the ideal tool for eLearning development. What do you think? We’d love to hear your views.

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