3 Very Useful Tools for the E-learning Developer

It is common knowledge that eLearning developers use various software tools to create online courses. Most important of these are the rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate that are used to create highly interactive and engaging digital courses. In addition to rapid authoring software, the following 3 tools are also extensively used by the eLearning developer community.

  1. Adobe Presenter
  2. Adobe Premiere
  3. Flipbook Maker

Rapid Authoring Tools

We will now see the features of each of these tools, in detail.

Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is widely used to convert the recordings of live webinars into on-demand webinars. This tool is also used to convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses. It has various features that help eLearning developers create very effective learning programs. Let us look at them.

Support for HTML5

Adobe Presenter provides excellent support to HTML5. It has various innovative features that help deliver training on multiple devices in a highly effective manner. This tool helps:

  • Create and publish HTML5 eLearning courses with ease: It is very easy to convert a PowerPoint presentation into an eLearning course and publish it to HTML5, using Adobe Presenter. E-learning developers can utilize more than 500,000 themes present in the Adobe Kuler community to develop online courses that are rich in aesthetics.
  • Develop HTML5 based quizzes and track learners efficiently: You can harness the power of HTML5 to spectacular quizzes. You can select form a wide array of question types including fill in the blanks, matching and short answers. This tool can be used to export data related to learner progress to any SCORM/AICC/Tin Can compliant Learning Management Systems (LMSs). Another interesting feature of Adobe Captivate 8 is that you can the track learner performance, without using an LMS, thanks to the Learner Analytics dashboard.
  • Learn efficiently on multiple devices: Learners can access the courses developed using this tool in a seamless manner. They can access a part of the course on one device and view the remaining part on other, from where they had left on the former.

Multimedia capabilities

Multimedia Capabilities

This tool can be used to leverage the power of multimedia to create highly effective courses. It has powerful media capabilities that help you create engaging online training courses. Adobe Presenter can be used to:

  • Harness the power of videos: This software can be used to develop HD videos of excellent quality, which are hardware-agonistic. You can edit videos with ease and create first rate screen captures without having to bother about the on-screen distortions. You can also publish videos to various formats, including YouTube.
  • Personalize courses with actors: Adobe Presenter comes with a set of actors that can be used to make courses personal and interesting. You can choose a wide variety of human characters, making gestures, to connect with your learners emotionally.
  • Make the best use of audio: This tool allows you to use high quality audio for your online courses. You can ensure that the audio is devoid of “unwanted” noises and amplify the audio track.

Interaction-creation and quizzing powers

You can create interactive courses that engage your learners efficiently, using Adobe Presenter. This tool allows you to:

  • Incorporate a wide variety of interactions: You can use an array of interactions using this software including drag-and-drop, Jigsaw, Hangman, Process Cycle, Accordion, glossary and Pyramid matrix to create highly engaging courses.
  • Import existing quizzes and develop pools of questions: Adobe Presenter can be used to import questions created using Articulate or from another quiz created using Adobe Presenter. You can also pool questions and randomize them. This tool also allows you to specify the number of questions to be picked-up in a given instance.

A variety of publishing options

Adobe Presenter can be used to publish to a wide variety of formats, including:

  • AICC
  • Tin Can
  • Adobe Connect

We thus see that Adobe Presenter is a very useful tool in the hands of the eLearning developer. We will now look at the features of Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere

Videos play a very important role in enhancing the efficacy of online courses and there is one very powerful tool that helps you make the best use of this medium – Adobe Premiere. Let us now look at the incredible features of this software.

Power to create high quality videos in short time

It is now possible to utilize the full training potential of videos in an efficient manner because Adobe Premiere enables you to:

  • Produce stunning videos with spectacular effects: You can transform your video into an engaging learning object by adding titles, clips and transitions. You can also convert the important aspects of a training video into a movie, which can be played whenever it is needed. Adobe Premiere allows you to edit your videos and add effects that enhance their effectiveness, manifold. You can add callouts, works of art and other effects in your videos, which enliven the online course.
  • Create engaging videos with "cinematic looks": It is common knowledge that high quality videos with “movie-like” features captivate your target audience. With Adobe Premiere, you can create training videos that create a learning environment that captures the imagination of your people. You can adjust the pace of the motion to emphasize or create excitement in your learners. You can also draw for a library of more than 250 sound effects and 50 wonderful musical scores.

Power to create quality videos

Features to share videos

Adobe Premiere provides various options to share videos. You can make your videos available on YouTube and Vimeo, using Adobe Premiere. You can also share your videos with specific online learning communities and allow them to access these resources on their mobile devices. You can also supply videos in the DVD and AVCHD format. You can also "adjust" the videos to ensure that they are viewed effectively on devices with varied screen sizes.

Adobe Premiere can thus be used to make the best use of training videos in online courses. We will now examine the features of Flipbook Maker.

FlipBook Maker

E-books are extensively used by companies worldwide to impart high quality training to their workforces and customers. They are very useful resources and usually take the form of process and product manuals, user-guides and so on. FlipBook Maker is a wonderful tool to develop interactive eBooks and is quite popular in the eLearning world. Let us now see the features of this very useful software.

Facility to import documents and convert them into eBooks

You can import content in the MS-Office documents and convert them into interactive flipbooks. Similarly, you can import learning material in the form of PDF files and transform it into flipbooks. This tool from Kvisoft also allows you to import images in various formats for creating a photo-based flipbook. You can also import Flash videos and movies.

Power of customization is amazing

FlipBook Maker is highly customizable. It can be used to create incredible templates for various uses. You can also:

  • Alter the settings related to the title of the eBook
  • Build flipbooks in multiple languages, including in those written from right to left
  • Customize eBook buttons according to requirements
  • Use the capabilities of Google analytics
  • Specify the range and area for dragging
  • Define the style of the navigational bar and the thumbnail view
  • Customize the look and feel of the eBook
  • Add links to external resources to provide further information

Options to publish in multiple formats

You can use FlipBook Maker to publish to a wide variety of formats. They are:

  • Flash
  • Web
  • HTML5
  • EXE
  • Standalone SWF
  • ZIP
  • MAC executable file
  • Screensaver
  • Video (MP4, WMV, MKV, AVI, ASF, DVD-video, M4V, MOV)

These features of FlipBook Maker indeed make it a very useful tool to impart effective training online.

Adobe Presenter is widely used to convert PowerPoint presentations into effective digital courses, while Adobe Premiere helps create very effective training videos. You can use FlipBook Maker to develop interactive eBooks for training your staff and customers. Thus, the 3 tools – Adobe Presenter, Adobe Premiere and FlipBook Maker help eLearning developers to create high quality eLearning programs. I hope you find this article useful. Do share your views.

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