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Tin Can, Gif, SCORM, Formative Assessment, Authoring tools, Articulate Storyline, Branching Logic... Like any other field, e-learning has its own jargon.

With the e-learning revolution spreading across the globe, and outsourcing of e-learning becoming a regular practice, this jargon can be really confusing! What you now need is a comprehensive eLearning dictionary with almost all e-learning words and phrases at one place giving you the meaning of each word in the e-learning context.

Well, you don't have to wait for long.

We at CommLab are now compiling one, gleaned from our 15 years of experience in providing e-learning services to more than 100 organizations in 30 countries, from the top Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses.

Most of these words have multiple meanings and are used differently in different parts of the world. Moreover, many of these words are also used in graphic design, advertising, web technologies, and video / audio fields with different meanings.

This dictionary gives you the meaning of the word in the e-learning context in addition to its:

  • Pronunciation
  • Parts of speech
  • "Also see" similar words
  • Audio for some words

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