Applications of E-learning


Unleashing the Power of E-learning to Impart First-rate Training

This webinar helps you understand how eLearning can help achieve your business goals

Workplace Learning via Smartphones and iPads - Get Tips for Successful M-learning Implementation

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Gen Y Sales Force Training: What Works and What Doesn't

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Improving Sales Revenues Using eLearning

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Using eLearning To Achieve Business Goals

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Sales Force Training: A Paradigm Shift - Learn from Fortune 500 Market Leaders

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Why is Sales Training so Difficult - Challenges and Solutions

This webinar that talks about a new paradigm shift that is being seen in the field of sales training

6 Trends in E-learning Design and Development You Need to Know

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eLearning for Technician Training - Insights and Experiences

This webinar discusses the typical challenges faced when training technicians and how it is done effectively via e-learning

Learning Design Strategies for Product Training

This webinar helps you understand how to use suitable learning design strategies for maximum impact and achieve the desired results, in this on demand webinar

Train Your Customers and Business Partners Through Add-on LMS

This webinar highlights why Moodle can be your second LMS and how do you can customize it to suit corporate environment

A New Paradigm in Product Training - Merging Content, Technology & Service

This webinar highlights what the new shift is all about and why it makes good business sense to adopt it

Performance Management & Coaching Through eLearning - 5 Instructional Design Strategies

This webinar highlights how to effectively train managers on performance management via e-learning


Product Knowledge for Sales and Marketing Professionals

This eBook will help you understand how to use technology for innovative product training for sales and marketing professional for improved performance

Mobile Learning 101

This eBook deals with all you need to know about mobile learning implementation in your organization

New Age Product Training for Gen Y Sales Team

This eBook will help you learn how Product training can be made useful, relevant and appealing to a Gen Y sales person by aligning it to suit the new gen sales guy

Microlearning – The Mega Advantage to Your On-the-Move Sales Team

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Introducing Online Product Training in Your Organization

This eBook guides you on the implementation of online product training in your organization


E-learning for Top-notch Training in Banking and Financial Industry

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How to Unleash the Power of the Online Training to Educate Customers

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E-learning on IPads - What Is It All About?

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5 Major E-learning Trends That Are The Talk of The Online Training Town

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E-learning Curricula: How Are They Making Online Training Better?

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How to Implement ERP Software Training in Your Organization

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Excellent Work Health and Safety Training Online With ANSI/ASSE Z490.1

This article explains how the ANSI/ASSE Z490.1 standard helps deliver highly effective work health and safety training online

Why Pharmaceutical Industry is Adapting E-learning for Training?

This article examines why eLearning is ideal to meet the training needs of the pharmaceutical industry

Areas Where E-learning Can Help the Pharma and Manufacturing Sectors

This article shares how eLearning can benefit two critical sectors of the economy - pharmaceutical and manufacturing


4 Incredible Resources to Build the Best Safety Training Program

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Strategies for Adopting E-learning and Online Training in Manufacturing Companies

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E-learning Ideas and Solutions for Training Gen Y

This kit helps you get ideas for eLearning solutions for training Gen Y in general and Millennial Sales Force in particular

Online Product Knowledge Training for Global Workforce

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Comprehensive Ideas to Plan a Successful Safety Training Program

This kit helps you understand the nuances of safety training planning and implementing safety initiatives in a cost effective manner

Blended Product Training Solutions for Sales Force

This kit demonstrates how new age solutions to training challenges particularly in the context of product sales training