E-learning Development


Articulate Storyline - Advanced Series

This webinar will help you know how to update your legacy courses developed in Flash, XML, HTML and JavaScript using Articulate Storyline.

Selecting the Best Authoring Tools for eLearning Development

This webinar will help you learn about how to select the right rapid authoring tools based upon the eLearning requirement.

Migration from Flash Based Legacy Courses to HTML5 - 4 Best Tools

This webinar talks about the 4 best tools to consider for migrating existing legacy content to HTML5.

Safety Training - Rapid Development Strategies for Mobile Devices

This webinar will help you know the strategies to develop safety training for delivering through mobile devices and the authoring tools best for quick development of these.

Articulate Storyline - A Boon for Learning Designers and Stakeholders

This webinar helps you know how Articulate Storyline can be used in developing interactive eLearning program fast and within budget with an uncompromising quality.

eLearning Courseware Strategies for a Quick Roll - out !

This webinar shares unique strategies that will ensure that product training is rolled out to your global sales force quickly.

Leveraging Existing ILT Resources through Rapid eLearning

This webinar helps you learn how you can convert your valuable ILT material to rapid eLearning content in a cost-effective way and minimum time.


Migrating Legacy E-learning Courses to HTML5

This eBook helps you get all the information you need to convert your legacy eLearning courses into HTML5 in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

How to Capitalize Technological Resources to Enrich Workplace Training

This eBook will help you get ideas on how to accentuate your training programs using technological tools.

Converting PowerPoint Presentations to E-learning

This eBook helps you understand how to create online courses using PowerPoint materials and get to know the tools that assist in the development.

How to Select the Right Rapid Authoring Tool

This eBook provides comprehensive information about 5 popular rapid authoring tools, on the basis of 14 important features.

Quality Assurance in E-learning Courseware Development

This eBook will help you improve elearning courseware quality by giving information on Quality Assurance in eLearning Courseware Development.


M-learning Development - 5 Excellent Tools

This article delves into the features of 5 popular rapid authoring tools that help develop first-rate mLearning courses.

Best E-learning Authoring Tools for Online Compliance Training Development

Get to know how to choose the right authoring tool for developing eLearning compliance courses.

An Overview of E-learning Development Process

Get to know what it takes to create an effective eLearning course, the key components required and the right people to execute them.

Custom eLearning Development: Questions that Help Choose the Right Partner

Choosing an eLearning outsourcing vendor is critical for the success of your eLearning project. Check out critical questions that help you identify the right partner.

How to Choose the Right Rapid Authoring Tool

This article delves into the aspects that you need to consider to select the right rapid authoring tool that meets your needs effectively.

Adobe Captivate 8 to Create Captivating E-learning Courses

This article delves into the features of Adobe Captivate 8 and how it can be used to develop highly effective eLearning courses.

Lectora Inspire 11: The Ideal Tool to Develop Excellent Courses

This article explains how Lectora Inspire 11 can be used to develop courses of very high quality.

Rich Media Components in E-learning Courses: What You Need to Know

Rich media elements are really the life of eLearning courses. What should you know about them, so that they enhance and not mar user experience?

E-learning Development Made Easy with Articulate Storyline

This article delves into the various features of Articulate Storyline that help instructional designers create highly effective online courses.

Rapid E-learning for Quickly Rolling Out Your Online Training

This article delves into how rapid eLearning reduces development time of online courses by 40% and shares details about each step.

From Flash-based Legacy E-learning Courses to HTML5

This article emphasizes on the requirement of migration of flash-based eLearning courses to HTML5 and how to convert Flash courses into HTML5 format.

Rapid E-learning: Meeting the Training Needs of the 21st Century

This article delves into the changing training needs of companies and how rapid eLearning can be used to effectively satisfy them.

Authoring Tools for eLearning Development: Choose the Best One for You!

This article emphasizes on considering five factors before selecting an authoring tool for eLearning development.

From Flash-based Legacy E-learning Courses to HTML5

This article emphasizes on the requirement of migration of flash-based eLearning courses to HTML5 and how to convert Flash courses into HTML5 format.


10 Free Lectora Templates to Speed Up Your E-learning Development

Provide your instructional design team these 10 handy Lectora16 templates so that they can create engaging and interactive online courses with less turnaround time.

How to Effectively Convert Instructor-Led Training Materials into E-learning?

Do wish to convert your Instructor-led Training (ILT) material into incredible eLearning courses? Then, download this comprehensive eBook.

Developing Online Courses Rapidly with Articulate Storyline: All You Need To Know

Download this kit to learn how to develop online courses rapidly with Articulate Storyline.

Outsourcing E-learning Development: What You Need to Know

Access this free kit to know how to gain maximum benefits by outsourcing your eLearning requirements.

Working with Flash and HTML5 Tools for E-learning Courses

TTo know how can you make old courses developed in Flash compatible with mobile devices? Download this free kit!

Using Adobe Captivate for Developing Customized Online Training Modules

Explore the new features of Adobe Captivate in this free kit.

Development of E-learning Courses with Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline has changed the whole approach to rapid eLearning. Here is a kit that gives you some practical insights on how to make the most of the authoring tool.

Exploring Articulate for Developing eLearning

Here are some useful resources that have been compiled in a kit to help you get a comprehensive idea about Articulate.

Understanding Rapid Authoring Tools for E-learning Development

This kit provides new age solutions to training challenges particularly in the context of product sales training.