Marketing eLearning in Organizations


Communication Strategies for Marketing eLearning

This webinar helps you learn how to use communication strategies for marketing eLearning.

1-2-3 Steps To Sell eLearning In Your Organization

This webinar helps you learn about the ways to motivate employees to take up eLearning programs for their learning needs


5 Communication Strategies To Promote E-learning

This article emphasizes the importance of promoting eLearning and explores strategies used in the promotion of eLearning courses.

4 Proven Strategies for Successfully Promoting E-learning in Your Organization

This articles shares information on how you can promote eLearning in your organization and the ways of doing it.

4 Simple Steps to Promote E-learning Projects

This article shares some 4 simple steps that help you out to promote your eLearning projects.

Steps to Market eLearning in the Organizations

This article shares some of the eLearning marketing strategies for each step of eLearning product life cycle.


E-learning Needs Marketing Too!

This kit helps you to get ideas on promotional tools for marketing eLearning so that it becomes a powerful and successful training alternative for your organization.

Promote eLearning initiatives internally for better training results

This kit tells you to treat eLearning like any other product and market its benefits to key stakeholders within the organization for better training results.