Planning an Enterprise-wide eLearning Solution


Align Authoring Tool Templates for Effective Learning Strategies

This webinar will help you learn how to make best use of default templates in authoring tool based on training requirements and the chosen learning strategy.

Cross Cultural E-learning for Global Audience: Best Practices

This webinar will help you learn how you can overcome the challenges of designing, developing and delivering e-learning to global learners.

Unleashing the Power of E-learning to Impart First-rate Training

This webinar will help you learn how eLearning can help achieve your business goals

Mobile Learning Strategy for Training Managers: What, Why and How?

This webinar helps you learn about the best practices of getting started with mobile learning

Planning An Enterprise-Wide eLearning Solution

This webinar helps you learn how to plan your e-learning solutions to achieve your goal of enterprise-wide competency development.

Outsource eLearning for Better Business Results

This webinar highlights factors to consider while taking a decision on outsourcing.

eLearning 101 - How To Start eLearning in Your Organization - 5 Basic Considerations

This webinar highlights the factors to consider to get started with e-learning in your organization.

Gen Y Sales Force Training: What Works and What Doesn't

This webinar helps you learn how you can train Gen Y sales person with new age technology and understand the pitfalls to avoid.

Designing and Developing Responsive eLearning for Multiple Devices

This webinar will help you learn how eLearning can help achieve your business goals

Communication Strategies for Marketing eLearning

This webinar helps you learn how to use communication strategies for marketing eLearning.

Corporate Trainers: Make Your Training Curriculum Earn While You Sleep!

This webinar is specially tailored for independent training professionals who can convert classroom training programs into e-learning and sell for a fee


How To Start E-learning in Your Organization: 5 Basic Considerations - Free eBook

This eBook talks about the obstacles to implementing e-learning in organizations and provides a 5-step solution to overcome them.

Integrating ILT Initiatives with eLearning

The guide will help you get started with a blended solution to help improve employee performance through training.

Project Management for eLearning Course Development

Learn to manage eLearning projects successfully with this resource that would guide you through the various project management stages of eLearning course development.

Strategically Aligning E-learning for Holistic Workplace Training

The eBook focuses on how elearning can be strategically aligned to ensure that learning becomes a dynamic activity in the organization and transforms based on the needs of the employees.

E-learning Outsourcing: Selecting the Right E-learning Vendor

This resource will you decide which aspect to outsource and how can you zero-in on the right vendor-partner.

Practical Guide on Custom E-learning: A Handbook for Managers

Check out CommLab India's Thanksgiving gift - a handbook on custom e-learning that includes 10 amazing templates to build a good online course.

Converting PowerPoint Presentations to E-learning

This handy resource that will help you understand what goes into creating online courses from PowerPoint presentations.


An Overview of E-learning Development Process

This article helps you know what it takes to create an effective eLearning course, the key components required and the right people to execute them.

Blended Learning: Getting the Best of Classroom and E-learning

This article delves into why blended learning is needed and how the right blend of face-to-face and self-paced learning can be formulated.

How to Implement ERP Software Training in Your Organization

This article delves into how to implement ERP training for the employees in an organization effectively.


E-learning Ideas and Solutions for Training Gen Y

Download this kit to get ideas for eLearning solutions for training Gen Y in general and Millennial Sales Force in particular.

Implementing E-learning Effectively Across the Organization

Download this kit to assess your organization’s readiness for implementing and decide on the best options for your unique situation.

Online Product Knowledge Training for Global Workforce

This kit can help organizations know how to design, develop and deliver online training on products to their worldwide work force

E-learning Adoption in Enterprises - How to Get Started

This kit contains eBooks that will answer all your questions on how to use e-learning to achieve your business goals

Improving Operational Efficiency Through E-learning

Access this free kit that provides ideas on how to improve operational efficiency through eLearning in the manufacturing sector.