ROI and Evaluation of eLearning


Demystifying Learning Objectives and Evaluation of eLearning Outcomes - 1-2-3 Steps

This webinar helps you find out how you can develop sound learning objectives for eLearning programs and evaluate their success.

Use of LMS Tools to Evaluate Learning Effectiveness

This webinar helps you learn about the evaluation of learning effectiveness, learning objectives, analysis of learner, and tools to evaluate learning effectiveness.

ROI & eLearning - Myths and Reality

This webinar helps you to better understand the ROI and eLearning myths and the reality. Also, know the cost of creating eLearning.

Getting the Best of Your LMS Investment - Going Beyond Technology

This webinar will take you beyond technology and help you understand the key features of an LMS.


How to Harness Moodle LMS Efficiently to Meet Your Training Needs

This comprehensive eBook helps you understand the power of Moodle and how to make the best use of this wonderful LMS.

Measuring Training Outcomes with Effective Online Assessments

This eBook helps you to understand the administration of e-assessments as a part of training program – both ILT and eLearning.

Quality Assurance in E-learning Courseware Development

This eBook will help you improve elearning courseware quality by giving information on Quality Assurance in eLearning Courseware Development.

ROI and E-learning - Myths and Realities

This eBook talks about the reasons for evaluating training programs and 4 steps of calculating ROI.


Key Factors to Consider While Evaluating Custom E-learning Providers!

This article lists the key factors to consider when evaluating custom e-learning provider for getting the cost effective training solutions.

How To Measure The Effectiveness Of E-learning Programs?

This article helps you understand the four steps to evaluate the effectiveness of e-learning and how it can get good business results from increased customer satisfaction to high productivity.

Robert Mager's Performance Based Learning Objectives!

This article helps you understand the performance based learning objectives used while designing training programs or developing storyboards for eLearning course.


Cost Calculator: The Amazing E-learning Cost Estimator

This kit helps you estimate the cost of outsourcing your elearning requirements with our calculator.

Managing a Large E-learning Project Efficiently

This kit helps you get an overview of eLearning course development and project management skills that are required to efficiently manage it.

Implementing E-learning Effectively Across the Organization

This kit helps you assess your organization's readiness for implementing and decide on the best options for your unique situation.

Tips on Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your E-learning Initiatives

This kit helps you know how to evaluate training outcomes and understand the myths and realities of eLearning and ROI.