Instructional Design Certification Program

Instructional Design Certification Program

Engage your learners. Explore adult learning.
Design online courses that enhance learning and accelerate performance.

Program Highlights
8 Self-Paced <br>Online Courses
3-day Instructor-led <br>Workshop
Group Activities and <br>Assignments
Network with <br>Likeminded Professionals

In today’s world of fast-paced jobs, evolving technology, instant solutions, and limited attention spans, you must create engaging online learning solutions that realize significant business results in a timely manner. Improving productivity in a diverse and rapidly changing business environment while decreasing costs is a challenge.

Instructional design is as much a science as an art. This comprehensive Instructional Design Certification Program will provide the knowledge and skills to design and develop instructionally-sound, performance-based training programs that will decrease time-to-proficiency and accelerate performance impact.

Get Certified in 1-2-3 Steps


Complete 8 self-paced online courses


Complete the online assignments


Participate in a 3-day workshop

Online Courses
8 courses of 60-90 min each and hands-on activities
3 days, instructor-led classroom

If you can’t attend the workshop, join us in the webinar sessions.

12 webinar sessions of 2-hours each, spread over 6 days.

The Curriculum at a Glance:

The Curriculum at a Glance

Download the PDF for more details. Click Here

The Winning Difference

With numerous ID certification programs available, how is this program different?

Simply stated, our program is based on proven best practices cultivated through decades of experience designing and developing thousands of programs for clients around the world. In addition, we believe in the power of collaborative, hands-on learning.

Program Details
  • A live workshop with an emphasis on applied learning and networking with like-minded professionals
  • A robust online learning experience with examples, practice exercises, discussions, assessments, and more
  • Practical assignments that enable you to design real-world solutions with peer and expert coaching and feedback
Program Schedule
(Over a period of 8-weeks)
  • Complete the 8 online courses (each with a final assessment)
  • Participate in group discussions
  • Provide and receive peer-review feedback
  • Receive direction, coaching, and feedback from expert designers

You must complete these prerequisites to prepare for and be eligible to participate in the workshop.

Course Details

  • Gain expertise in designing performance-enhancing courses in a variety of formats (eLearning, microlearning, facilitated, and more)
  • Put learning into immediate practice — create a design document and/or storyboards for real-world problems that you can add to your personal portfolio
  • Learn from industry experts and interact with peers
  • Gain access to valuable resources such as guidelines, templates and checklists

Highly interactive, self-paced online courses address the key aspects of Instructional Design. Each course also offers several downloadable, checklists, frameworks, and more.

  1. Introduction to Adult Learning
    • Define adult learning
    • Describe key characteristics and assumptions about how adults learn
    • Based on how adults learn effectively, explain implications for designing instruction
  2. A Comparison of Learning Theories
    • Contrast key characteristics of four major learning theories
    • Explain the origin of each theory
    • Identify types of learning situations that are best suited to each theory
  3. Models of Instruction
    • Identify key individuals and events that have influenced the evolution of instructional design
    • Describe three models for classifying learning outcomes to determine optimal conditions for and ways to sequence instruction
    • Explain the significance of instructional models to the instructional design process
  4. How to Write Performance-based Objectives
    • Distinguish terminal and enabling objectives
    • Distinguish goals and learning objectives
    • Identify the ten characteristics of effective performance-based learning objectives (SMART2)
  1. Maximizing Impact in The Virtual Classroom
    • Differentiate traditional classroom and virtual classroom instruction
    • Identify instructional capabilities and limitations of virtual classrooms
    • Apply appropriate instructional methods for virtual classrooms
  2. Rapid Evaluation Planning - Making Informed Decisions
    • Recognize the value of evaluations
    • Identify the structure of an effective evaluation plan
    • Distinguish types of evaluation questions
  3. How to Write Effective Knowledge and Performance Assessments
    • Identify how assessments are used
    • Plan the development of assessments
    • Write knowledge-based and performance-based assessments, and monitor assessments
  4. Designing High-Impact, On-Demand Performance Solutions
    • Define the purpose, value and primary elements of ‘high impact, on-demand’ performance solutions
    • For audio, visual, conversation scenarios and application simulations in particular:
      • Identify instructional benefits
      • Recognize a design structure (scripting and storyboarding)
      • Outline development, delivery and quality assurance considerations

Attend the 3-day workshop or Webinars, after completing the online courses to get certified. By the end of the 3-day program, you will be able to:

  • Illustrate a systematic process for Instructional Design (ID)
  • Prepare a project management plan that outlines success indicators, major tasks, resources, timeline, budget and assumptions
  • Create a design document
  • Plan implementation of a training program and instructional materials
  • Describe methods for evaluating instruction, programs, and processes

This program is not limited to instructional designers. Do join us if you are a/an:

  • Learning Consultant
  • L&D Manager
  • Performance Technologist
  • Training and Human Resource Manager
  • Organizational Development Consultant
  • Educational Technologist
  • eLearning Developer

The Key Takeaways

The program also offers several great practical resources that can be used in your future learning/training projects, such as design guidelines, checklists, frameworks, templates, samples, glossaries, and more. Check out this list for a glimpse:

  • Definitions of Adult Learning
  • Behavioral Levels
  • Malcolm Knowles’ Adult Learning Framework
  • Techniques for Designing Adult Learning
  • Learning Theories Matrix
  • Gagné’s Classifications, Conditions, Events
  • Action Verbs List
  • Rapid Evaluation Planning: Evaluation Report Template
  • Rapid Evaluation Planning: A Comprehensive Evaluation Framework
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Sample Evaluation Planning Worksheets
  • Writing Assessment Items
  • Assessment Planning Worksheet
  • Application Simulations Quality Checklist
  • Audio Asset Outline
  • Audio Asset Quality Checklist
  • Audio Asset Production Tips
  • Conversation Scenarios Quality Checklist
  • Multimedia Design Principles
  • Visual Screen Design Quality Checklist

Also access 2 sample storyboards – in MS Word and PowerPoint

Pricing Details

Early Bird Rate
35,000 OR $549
Ends on August 31, 2018
Regular Rate
45,000 OR $699
Ends on September 30, 2018
Advanced Rate
50,000 OR $749
Ends on October 31, 2018

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Webinar Sessions

Session No. Date Location
1 & 2 October 30, 2018 Live Online
3 & 4 October 31, 2018 Live Online
5 & 6 November 1, 2018 Live Online
7 & 8 November 2, 2018 Live Online
9 & 10 November 5, 2018 Live Online
11 & 12 November 6, 2018 Live Online

ILT/Classroom Sessions

Session No. Date Location
Day 1 November 14, 2018 Hyderabad, India
Day 2 November 15, 2018 Hyderabad, India
Day 3 November 16, 2018 Hyderabad, India

If you have any queries or need further assistance, please mail us at [email protected]

Payment towards Instructional Design Certification Program cannot be canceled or rescheduled. All fees paid for the program are non-refundable.

Facilitators’ Profile

Dr. Howard Lewis — Chief Learning Architect, CommLab India

Dr. Howard Lewis has been involved in education, instructional design and performance technology for over 37 years; including corporate positions with Health Net, Xerox Corporation, Apple Computer and RTC. His national and international experience has involved areas such as leadership, management, sales and marketing, engineering, safety, medical management, customer service, and performance management.

He also serves as an adjunct professor for Colorado State University and has taught for Pepperdine University and the University of Hawaii in the past. Howard earned his doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Technology and International Training from the University of Southern California; Master’s degree from West Virginia University in Occupational Safety and Health; and, Bachelor's degree in Environmental Interpretation from Colorado State University.

Dr. Lewis is also a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT).

Shalini Merugu — Senior Manager Learning Design, CommLab India

Shalini is a versatile learning design professional with 15 years of diverse experience in Instructional Design, User Assistance Solutions, Content Writing, and Customer Training (in Europe and AsiaPac). She has worked with General Electric and SumTotal Systems, to name a few, before joining CommLab.

She is passionate about quality and works closely with her team and clients to develop instructionally sound courses. She also provides creative strategies for designing engaging eLearning courses, drawing on her experience in classroom training to ensure none of the engaging activities of ILT are lost in transition.

Shalini has a Master's in English Literature from the University of Hyderabad and a PG Diploma from Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (CIEFL).