Instructional Design Strategies with the Spotlight on the Learner

Know all About Designing Learner-centric Online Courses

Instructional Design Strategies with the Spotlight on the Learner

As you know, e-learning courses are devoid of a physical presence, so a boring e-learning course might take a sledgehammer to the cognitive capacities of the learners. Unless you manage to get the attention of learners at the beginning or midway through the course, and sustain it till the end, they are bound to drift off at some point.

This can be achieved if you employ instructional strategies that bring a right balance of intellectual, emotional, and physical participation of learners in the learning process. There are different types of instructional design strategies and components that serve as guidelines for learning experts as they design eLearning courses.

Here is a kit titled, "Instructional Design Strategies with the Spotlight on the Learner" that helps you understand more about these guidelines and formulate the right instructional design strategy for your e-learning course. It talks about:

  • What is an instructional design strategy?
  • What are the different instructional design strategies and how to zero-in on the right strategy for your e-learning course?
  • What are the essential elements of a good instructional design strategy?
  • How to use the various components of an ID strategy?

More specifically, this kit consists of:

  • An eBook titled "Instructional Design Strategies : Design Learner-centric E-learning Courses"
  • The webinar "5 Instructional Design Strategies for Creating Better E-learning"
  • A Presentation titled "All About Instructional Design Strategies"

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