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Cost Calculator
Want to know how much outsourcing will cost you?
This wizard will help you arrive at an approximate figure as you answer the questions.
1. What is the current business challenge you would want to accomplish through this training?*
Do you want your sales force to sell better, end-users to use the ERP software effectively, or all your employees to be compliant with your laws and policies?
2. What is the type of training you are looking for?*
Is it product sales training, compliance training, software systems training or any other?
3. What is the present training methodology in your organization?*
Do you have classroom training sessions, ad-hoc training, on-the-job interventions or no training programs at all?
4. How would you like to replace the present training?*
Would you like to blend e-learning with classroom training, completely replace classroom sessions with e-learning or create new e-learning programs?
5. What is the duration of the current training?*
Is it 4 days, 2 days or none?
6. What is the expected performance from employees after the training?*
Do you want them to just gain knowledge and recall information, apply it in their tasks and analyze to take decisions, or synthesize and evaluate it to solve problems?
7. Do you prefer any specific learning strategy?*
Would you like highly engaging game-based or scenario-based course or prefer a simple online course with no frills?
8. Would you like standalone courses or micro modules?*
Would you like a standard 30-45 minute course or micro modules of 10-15 minutes each? Give us a bulk order of modules and enjoy a discount.
9. How would you like your employees to access the course?*
Would you like the course to run only on PCs or be accessed even on iPads and other mobile devices? This will provide just-in-time support to employees.
10. Would you like the course to translated? If yes, please specify the languages.*
Give us your translations list along with the English course and enjoy a discount from our side.
11. We work with all rapid authoring tools. Do you have any preference?*
The most popular rapid authoring tools are Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora Inspire.
12. Do you have an LMS to host the course or do you need an Hosting option?*

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