E-learning Needs Marketing Too!

How Promotional Tools Help Market eLearning?

  • Creating positive perception about eLearning is necessary to gain valuable employee buy-in and make your eLearning implementation a success. This kit will give you step by step guidance on how to market eLearning internally to your employees and the communication strategies you can adopt to attain your goal.
  • Download this kit to get ideas on promotional tools for marketing eLearning within the organization and ensure it becomes a powerful and successful training alternative.

The kit E-learning Needs Marketing Too! Includes:

  • An eBook on "Communication Strategies for Marketing E-learning“
  • A Webinar on "Communication Strategies for Marketing E-learning"
  • A Whitepaper on "1-2-3 Steps to sell E-learning in Your Organization"
  • A Presentation on "Motivating employees to take up E-learning"

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