Promote eLearning Initiatives Internally For Better Training Results

Be an E-learning Champion

  • ELearning, just like any other product, needs to be marketed so that employees understand and appreciate its importance for their individual as well as organizational benefit. You need to have a clear-cut marketing plan entwined with the eLearning implementation plan for the program to succeed.
  • Download this free kit that shows ways and means of communicating effectively with employees about eLearning initiatives. You also will get to know the typical hurdles one faces in successfully implementing eLearning programs and also learn how to overcome them.

The Kit Promote eLearning initiatives internally for better training results includes:

  • An Webinar on "Communication Strategies for Marketing ELearning“
  • A Webinar on "1-2-3 Steps to Sell ELearning in Your Organization"
  • A Presentation on "Effective Corporate Training through a Learning Cycle"
  • A Presentation on "Motivating Employees to Take up ELearning"
  • A Research Report titled "ELearning Adoption in Corporate Sector: Driving and Restraining Forces"

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