Online Product Knowledge Training for Global Workforce

How Does Online Product Training Hels Your Global Workforce?

  • Traditionally, product training was conducted in the form of workshops and classroom sessions. However, traditional training methodologies are no longer sufficient. Ever increasing sales territories, knowledgeable customers, frequent updates and new product launches, are all making organizations relook their product training strategies to keep up with changing needs.
  • As a result, most organizations are seeking technology-enabled learning solutions to strengthen their training strategies. An integrated approach toward product training, where classroom training is ably backed up with eLearning modules, webinars, webcasts, virtual classrooms and a collaborative learning experience managed through a vibrant learning management platform is an absolute necessity.

The kit Online Product Knowledge Training for Global Workforce consists of resources that answer:

  • How to introduce online product training in organizations?
  • How to design and develop online product training that suits global audience?
  • What are the new age strategies to train Gen Y workforce on products?
  • How to deliver, track, and evaluate the ROI of online learning initiatives?

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