A Guide to Select the Best Authoring Tool for Your Training Needs

Tools to Overcome Your Business Challenges

  • The last 25 years have witnessed three revolutionary developments that have altered the corporate landscape:
    • Globalization of businesses
    • Growth of competition
    • Increase in the number and kinds of products

    New training needs arose due to these changes in the business environment. Whether you want to convert PPTs to e-learning courses quickly, translate them into multiple languages, or create immersive learning experiences with interactive courses, you need an authoring tool to make it happen.

  • Authoring tools differ in their suitability for different styles of learning, platforms of delivery, file formats, and support for eLearning standards and development workflows.

    Here is the kit that will help you figure out the right authoring tool for your training needs.

The kit A Guide to Select the Best Authoring Tool for Your Training Needs includes:

  • An Article: Rapid E-learning: Meeting the Training Needs of the 21st Century
  • An eBook: Authoring Tools That Address Your 5 Biggest Business Challenges
  • A Webinar: Selecting the Best Authoring Tools for eLearning Development
  • An Article: Rapid E-learning for Quickly Rolling Out Your Online Training

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