Do You Think You’re Ready to Outsource E-learning?
Do You Think You're Ready to Outsource E-learning?

To get the best of your outsourcing budgets, selecting the right vendor who understands the agile e-learning development process, has an excellent team of learning designers and exceptional project management skills is very important. Therefore, before outsourcing any eLearning project, you need to ask three questions to find the right partner.

Why is India the Hub of E-learning Outsourcing?
Why is India the Hub of E-learning Outsourcing?

India enjoys the excellent reputation of being an ideal offshore vendor for the organizations across the world. Its business friendly environment, stable macro conditions, skilled talent pool, and low costs drive multinational organizations outsource their projects to India.

Tips to Reduce E-learning Outsourcing Cost
Tips to Reduce E-learning Outsourcing Cost

Many organizations outsource their e-learning design and development to get the best ROI of their training budget. But there are some important elements in the outsourcing process the organization needs to focus on to minimize the cost involved in partnering with an offshore vendor.

Free E-learning Cost Calculator
Free E-learning Cost Calculator

Want to know how much outsourcing will cost? To help you get a clear idea, here is an e-learning cost calculator that will give you an approximate estimate of how much outsourcing will cost based on your requirements.

Designing eLearning Programs: In-House/Outsource? - Free Webinar

To be able to take an informed decision on whether to develop your e-learning courses in-house or outsource, you need to be aware of what goes into a typical course development process and what its various components are, so that you can see if you have the in-house capability for each component.

Now the question is: What do you want? Which component of the development process do you want to outsource and which component do you want to develop in-house? Do you want to outsource what you can, and free up your resources so that they can focus on your core business?

Here is a webinar where you can find answers to questions related to when to outsource and when to opt for in-house development of eLearning programs.

E-learning Outsourcing: Selecting the Right E-learning Vendor - Free eBook

Many organizations are unsure how to evaluate the competence of an eLearning vendor. Would physical presence in international conferences, advertisements in corporate magazines and online sites suffice? Obviously, one needs to go beyond to understand the true capability of an eLearning vendor and their ability to address your training needs.

When selecting an outsourcing vendor-partner, ensure that the vendor has considerable experience working with Fortune clients and is comfortable working with global audiences. You need someone who has a proven track record in handling projects successfully within your cultural context.

Here is an eBook that shares some tips that can help you in searching for an ideal eLearning vendor.

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