A good classroom trainer has a clear idea of the training program and trainees’ profile, prepares thoroughly for the session, is aware of and puts delivery skills into practice, and engages their audience. Whether you are a new trainer looking to master the skills of teaching adults or an expert looking to share your expertise, these are the aspects you will need to focus on.

This Thanksgiving, as a token of our appreciation to learning and training professionals, we bring you our 5-step APPRISE process. Discover how to read your audience, build your confidence, body language and attitude, handle participants of different mindsets, and more. Master the skills to become an effective trainer through these engaging micro modules.

Explore the 5 steps in 5 interactive microlearning formats:

In this module, learn what you absolutely should know about your audience, master the art of teaching adults, and become an expert at reading the body language of your listeners.

Developed in: HTML5

Interactive Infographic

In this online nugget, the focus is on preparing yourself for the session. From reading thoroughly to practicing constantly, get to know 6 super handy tips to keep you rolling.

Developed in: FlipBook Maker Pro


This module covers the 3 components of delivery. Learn what you should do to draw your audience into the session, convey the message effectively, and create an impact at the end.

Developed in: VideoScribe

Whiteboard Animation

This micro nugget explores how you should look, sound, and act – 3 aspects that ensure you are confident, poised, and equipped to facilitate learning effectively.

Developed in: Storyline 360

Quiz-based eCourse

In this quiz-based course, learn how you can handle ‘problem’ participants and ask the right questions to engage your audience.

Developed in: iSpring

Mini eCourse


Take this quiz to check your mastery of the 5 steps of APPRISE!

Developed in: Articulate Storyline

Gamified Assessment

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