Articulate Storyline - The Darling of E-learning Developers

The advent of rapid authoring tools has ushered in a new era in the world of online learning. E-learning development has become considerably fast and cost-effective. Today, using rapid authoring tools, it is possible to create a one hour online course in just 20 days. And, e-learning development costs have come down by at least 40%.

Another major advantage of rapid authoring tools is they can be used without programming skills. This has enabled the active participation of learning professionals such as instructional designers and subject-matter experts (SMEs), who have little knowledge of coding in the development of online courses.

One of the most popular rapid authoring tools is Articulate Storyline. A survey conducted by E-learning Guild revealed that this powerful e-learning development software is the preferred choice of the online course development community. Check out the interesting presentation Articulate Storyline for Building E-learning Courses to know more about this widely used rapid authoring tool. The presentation:

  • Lists the features of Articulate Storyline that make the tool very simple to use
  • Explains how the rapid authoring software can be used to develop highly interactive online courses
  • Describes the capabilities of Articulate Storyline to develop simulation-based courses
  • Provides insights into the abilities of the tool that simplify e-learning translations

So, access the presentation now!