Learning Assessments - Helping Your People Perform Better

Training Challenges and E-learning Solutions Summit 2018

Asia - June | Europe - July | Americas - October

How can you evaluate the knowledge and skills of your people effectively? What does it take to determine whether your people have acquired the expertise and abilities needed to perform better? Well, you need to come up with good learning assessments.

A learning assessment is an important aspect of instruction which helps measure the progress made by the learner. You need to see the assessments match the understanding of the learner. It is essential to remember that assessments are most effective when they reflect the current learning, objectives, and outcomes.

Assessments help your staff learn effectively, by providing constructive feedback. They enable organizations to analyze the learning of employees and help them understand their knowledge base and performance levels to match them with expectations. Learning assessments help companies provide guidance to their people for improving their performance.

To know more about learning assessments, check out the presentation, Creating Effective Online Assessments. The presentation:

  • Lists the types of learning assessments
  • Shares the best practices of creating assessments
  • Explains the limitations of assessments

So, access the presentation now!