How to Improve the Performance of Your Staff

How can you maximize the productivity of your people? What does it take to ensure your people deliver high performance? Well, you need to come up with proper organizational objectives and strategies.

Good organizational objectives are realistic and can be measured effectively. They go a long way in guiding and motivating your people to deliver their best. They help you use your resources optimally, and needless to say, this enhances operational efficiencies.

Organizational strategies, on the other hand, define the methods to be adopted to achieve the objectives. They help create a roadmap to translate the organizational objectives into reality. Robynne Berg, in his article Three Reasons Strategy is Important points out that well-formulated organizational strategies help create a vision and set the direction for an organization.

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  • Explains the importance of assessing training needs
  • Describes how training goals need to be set
  • Provides insights into the design of a good training program
  • List the aspects to consider for the effective delivery and evaluation of the training program

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