Evaluating the Efficacy of Training

Training Challenges and E-learning Solutions Summit 2018

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How can you evaluate the effectiveness of your training program? How can you track and measure business outcomes? What does it take to assess whether the program has helped your people acquired the required knowledge and skills? How can you provide proper feedback to your learners?

To evaluate the effectiveness of your training program, you need to assess the skills and knowledge of learners before delivering the training program. During the training, you need to intersperse instruction with short tests at regular intervals to check whether your people are actively participating in the learning process. And, after the completion of the training program, evaluate the learner's knowledge and skills by assigning a skilled evaluator. Check out the presentation Evaluation of Training Effectiveness to know more about assessing the efficacy of your training programs. The presentation:

  • Lists the techniques used to measure the effectiveness of training programs
  • Describes the evaluation and learning lifecycle
  • Explains the levels of training evaluation

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