Creating the Perfect Learning Blend - Factors to Consider

Do you wish to harness the full potential of the classroom and online training formats? Would you like to develop a winning blended learning strategy that provides the best return on your training dollar?

Many companies are using a blend of the traditional instructor-led training and e-learning methodologies to train their staff members. A well-planned, effective blend of learning methods goes a long way in making your training program highly flexible. Learners can be better engaged through various forms of content. A good blended learning strategy enables you to reap the benefits of e-learning, while ensuring the training program retains the human element.

But, how can you come up with the right blend of various learning formats and media? Well, you need to focus on 3 vital aspects.

  • Learning goals and design
  • Nature of the learning content
  • Learner types

Check out the insightful presentation Factors to Consider Before Making a Right Blend to know more about these aspects.